Sustainable beach management in Istria through the “Green Beach” model

first_imgOn Thursday and Friday (March 15 and 16, 2018) in Poreč was held a conference “Sustainable Beach Management”, organized by the Administrative Department of Tourism of the Istrian County and the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism in cooperation with the cities of Porec and NovigradIn accordance with the guidelines of the Regional Program for the Management and Management of Sea Beaches in Istria County, and for further public dialogue on responsible and sustainable beach management in Istria, the conference presented concrete examples from cities and municipalities in the Region of Tuscany, Cyprus and Istria. which tests and implements the “Green Beach” model. The Green Beach model is an example of a sustainable beach management model in the Mediterranean.The conference was attended by a total of 56 participants, representatives of local and regional self-government units, the Ministry of Tourism and the Istrian Development Tourism Agency, representatives of tourist boards and hotel companies and guests from Tuscany and Cyprus, scientists from the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism and others interested in sustainable beach management.Dr. sc. Dean Ban, director of the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism, stressed that the task of the conference is to point out the importance of beach management as a significant tourist resource while respecting the principles of sustainable development. Since sustainable tourism development is an extremely important topic, he said that he is convinced that stakeholders in the local and regional community and beyond, which are directly related to the issue of sustainable development of maritime and coastal tourism, will recognize the role of the Institute in this project. knowledge transfer and international cooperation.The County Prefect of Istria Valter Flego pointed out that the goal is to manage beaches responsibly, and that in 2015 the County of Istria adopted a strategic document – Regional Program for Landscaping and Management of Sea Beaches in Istria, emphasizing that this document detects the current situation and defines future direction development. He especially pointed out that no beach in Istria is closed, so locals and tourists can come to each and use it freely.// Regional program of arrangement and management of sea beaches in the County of IstriaOn behalf of the director of the Office of the Tourist Board of the Istrian County, the lecture “Review of Istrian Tourism 2017” was held by Cristina Vojić Krajcar. Krajcar pointed out that in 2017, the County of Istria recorded a record number of arrivals and overnight stays, both in the season and in the pre- and post-season. Also, she pointed out that for the first time in history, Istria reached 300.000 guests in one day and pointed out new projects encouraged by the Istria County Tourist Board (ISTRIA ANTIOXY, Istria e-mobility, new boutique hotels in central Istria, etc.).Local coordinator of the MITOMED + project (Models of Integrated Tourism in the Mediterranean Plus) at the Institute dr. Sc. Kristina Brščić explained that the MITOMED + project is a continuation of the successfully realized MITOMED project. She stressed that the aim of the project is to establish a system of indicators to measure the effects of tourism in coastal and coastal areas and use the results to plan, monitor and create policies for sustainable tourism development.MITOMED + project manager Maria Luisa Mattivi, from the Tuscany region, emphasized that 9 partners from 6 countries are participating in the project and that the total project budget is 2,650,000.00 euros, of which 2,252,500.00 euros are co-financed by the ERDF. She briefly explained the status of Pilot Activity 1 in the project, within which an online platform was created on which it will be possible to monitor indicators classified into categories: social, economic, environmental and cultural indicators, and described how different destinations can be compared based on which will be able to create better policies related to the further sustainable development of tourism. She also paid special attention to Pilot Activity 2, the “Green Beach” model, since the topic of this conference was focused directly on this activity. She pointed out that the project plans to implement the “Green Beaches” model on three beaches in the regions: Istria, Tuscany, Cyprus and Catalonia, and a total of 12 beaches.Dr. sc. Eudokia Balamou, from the Development Agency ANETEL from Cyprus, Head of Pilot Activity 2 in the project explained that the model “Green Beach” includes the principles of sustainability and assumes a way of integrated management of all resources needed to meet economic, environmental and social needs while preserving cultural integrity, ecosystems , biodiversity and basic living conditions. She stressed that the implementation of the “Green Beach” model aims to promote and preserve the quality and cultural features of the area. She also pointed out that “Green Beach”: increases the satisfaction of beach users, affects better quality of service and control of the coastal area, increases safety, affects a better user experience, supports “greener” and sustainable holidays and aims to improve the quality of life of locals.After presenting 24 criteria, of different importance (binding and / or added value), which need to be met in order for a beach to become a “Green Beach”, three beaches from the Region of Tuscany were presented on which the “Green Beach” model will be implemented. Beaches from Tuscany were presented by Simina Chelaru from the municipality of San Vincenzo, Elena Nappi from the municipality of Castiglione della Pescaiai Rovena Xhaferi who presented the beach from the municipality of Montignoso.Local coordinator of the MITOMED + project, Ph.D. Kristina Brščić, presented the results of a survey conducted as part of the MITOMED + project during 2017, entitled “Attitudes and satisfaction of tourists and visitors with the destination according to the ETIS questionnaire (Poreč, Novigrad, Labin / Rabac)”. The results of processing 1621 questionnaires collected from beach users, which were offered to respondents in 6 languages, were presented. Tina Šugar from the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism presented the results of a survey related to the satisfaction of beach users and the perception of tourists about the idea of ​​”Green Beach”.After the presentation of the research, the representatives of the cities participating in the MITOMED + project presented the beaches and activities that will be undertaken in order to implement the “Green Beach” model. Representative of the City of Poreč, Ph.D. Damir Hrvatin presented the beach Gradsko kupalište, the representative of the city of Novigrad, Vanja Gorički, the beach Karpinjan, and the representative of the city of Labin, Robert Mohorović, the beach Girandella.The Head of the Administrative Department for Tourism of the Istrian County, Nada Prodan Mraković, pointed out that the Administrative Department for Tourism of the Istrian County organized the first conference on “Beaches, a sustainable product of destination” in 2016. conservation of this important tourist resource. It was concluded that the conference met the goal and stressed the importance of integrated and sustainable beach management for tourists and especially for the local population.last_img