Global Trends Indicate a Coal Comeback Is Unlikely

first_imgGlobal Trends Indicate a Coal Comeback Is Unlikely FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Financial Times:President Donald Trump has pledged to “put our miners back to work” in the US, promising to return high-paying jobs to rundown rural areas of states such as Pennsylvania that brought him victory in last year’s election. Trends in coal markets, both in the US and internationally, suggest that will be an uphill battle.In 2013, the US Energy Information Administration projected that world coal demand would rise 39 per cent by 2040. Now it is expecting growth of just 1 per cent. If not quite “Peak Coal”, it certainly looks like an extended plateau. Projections of energy demand even a few years into the future can never be relied on: there are too many uncertainties in how markets and technology will evolve, and the EIA itself makes clear that this scenario is just one among many possible outcomes. Even so, the latest projection, from the EIA International Energy Outlook 2017, published last week, shows that the promise of eternally rising world demand for coal, which was the consensus expectation just a few years ago, can no longer be taken for granted.China dominates world coal markets, accounting for more than half of total global demand. The EIA believes that Chinese coal consumption may now be on a declining trend, with industrial use for steam and steelmaking already having peaked, and demand for power generation likely to peak around 2023. With demand also in long-term decline in the US and in Europe, growth in some emerging economies, led by India, is not enough to raise total coal use overall.More: ($) The future of coal in seven chartslast_img read more

ECCO makes another record payout

first_img Tweet 16 Views   no discussions Share Share Photo credit: caribarena.comThe Eastern Caribbean Collective Organisation for Music Rights (ECCO) Inc., the St. Lucia based music royalty collection organization for the OECS, will today make royalty payments to its members and members of affiliated societies totaling over $450,000. This is a record achievement by this small regional organisation surpassing its disbursement of $¼ Million made in 2011.With further distributions scheduled for later in the year; September and December, in respect of Royalties for Jingles (music in advertisement) and for Major Live Events (Carnivals, St. Lucia Jazz, St. Kitts Music Festival & World Creole Music Festivals, etc.). ECCO’s total disbursement for the year could top the half million mark which will be more than double the total disbursement of last year.ECCO General Manager Steve Etienne says; “As revenue from record/CD sales have declined dramatically in our region, songwriters and music publishers are looking more and more towards the public performance right which ECCO manages for support. Therefore, it is imperative that the level of royalty payment received by the worldwide community of creators be proportionate to the use of their musical works. However, whilst collection levels in St. Lucia and Dominica continue to be relatively healthy, the organization is under achieving in the other OECS territories where only a few of the major events and music users are licensed”. ECCO’s general manager Steve Etienne adds: “Members at our recent AGM urged us to step up legal action against abusers of their music rights and as a result we will be very busy in the Courts across the ECCO territories”.ECCO is an association of composers, songwriters and music publishers and is the legal entity responsible for administering the performing right in the musical works of its members and members of Affiliated Societies in the OECS. Through reciprocal agreements with Affiliated Societies worldwide ECCO has control of the world’s music repertoire, that is to say, ECCO is responsible for licensing all public use of music in the OECS.Press Releasecenter_img Sharing is caring! Share LocalNews ECCO makes another record payout by: – July 11, 2012last_img read more