Mobile Training Video 2 – snatch mobile traffic technology selection

mobile traffic is more and more high, entrepreneurs are not sit? PC site is not sit? Well, here’s the problem: which way to get mobile traffic and mobile users? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various ways? If you want to do a mobile website, what choice do? – of course is not a standard answer, but also according to the specific needs and conditions of judge selection, love Shanghai can tell you is:

The original content updated website is the best path optimization

third, website content from the layout should be beautiful. Many webmaster friends only pay attention to the content of the original, but the contents of the layout attention degree is not enough, especially for those pages including a lot of text content, if not good layout, including text size, color and so on, it is difficult to improve the user to read, although this will not on the love of spiders in Shanghai the reading effect, but if users face the page there is a high bounce rate, then the search engine, will also have the attention to the web page, eventually bringing it into the garbage in the page, even if the page content is original, it is difficult to get a better ranking.

first, eliminate the irresponsible behavior of acquisition. Content acquisition is one of the many webmaster love there, because of the updating of the contents of the lowest degree of difficulty, and the fastest, which can make the content of the website up in a very short time. If the acquisition can be a simple processing station, such as the relevant website can post a release, the acquisition of the contents of statistics released, although these are from the collection, but after your editor, will make a lot of friends for help, this content has good optimization effect. So the acquisition behavior is not no, but not be irresponsible read more

Bidding tutorial advertising ring case decryption WAP hard advertising operation (on)

advertising circle of contact in the company, has long been a part of doing all kinds of hard wide, such as players such as WAP text ads, text link advertising portal website, such as small business advertising. And they are advertising groups, mainstream Internet projects and even some small projects they are involved, the scale effect makes them become an important winner network for industry, and they can effectively avoid vicious competition.

website basically is a popular product (of course, this product basically is the combination of Chinese Huaqiang North sources), the broad market, this kind of product consumption ability is very strong. This is why you know, Taobao above more than 100 dollars NIKE is false, but the seller has to ensure genuine like. Of course, the quality of the product itself is good. Mobile phone digital products should be said to be more popular products. read more

Using the Universiade news material quickly increased to 500 on the P website

yesterday, we work as usual, because the thought of attention Universiade information will work in Shenzhen friends, issued a "Shenzhen Universiade holiday notice is not a statutory holiday enterprises can independently arrange" the afternoon we love Shanghai, immediately realized the fast collection, which is a manifestation of Shenzhen Jinghang technology official the weights of the website, did not expect that, immediately after they came through the search, and more and more, have a bit of a surprise.

search Universiade notified by the enterprise, the results show that we are in the first row, the number of registered search.

this is August 7th after the news was collected in search of information, of course, not here today, but also to a lot of IP.

this is the realization of the collected Google news screenshot, screenshot for today, display is 19 hours ago, but also realize the seconds. read more

Shanghai dragon Er qualified should grasp four core knowledge

with the Internet’s interest, more and more traditional industries are involved in network marketing. As a result, the network promotion is also more and more attention by enterprises, as the promotion of cheap and effective Shanghai dragon is undoubtedly the promotion enterprise preferred. In the end a qualified Shanghai dragon Er should master the knowledge of what the following Wang Wei told us to discuss Shanghai dragon Er qualified to master the knowledge.

links, thank you!

, a website / data analysis


Shanghai dragon is to do simple things again, insist on doing a qualified Shanghai dragon Er should have the website construction of the chain, and a number of optimization work station optimization adjustment.

address: 贵族宝贝wangwei Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝 reproduced please attach read more

2014 in the face of love Shanghai how to quickly update, new sites included

through the web log analysis, if your site does not log spider climb traces, then love Shanghai also don’t know there is such a site. At this time, should make the chain for the website to attract the spider love Shanghai. The hair of the chain, pay attention to the diversification of the chain, such as plain text, anchor text, and to adhere to the diversification of the chain orientation. (to the weight of the high site hair some outside the chain, such as A5, a push, laggards… ) for good original soft Wen contribute at the same time, more diversified platform regular operation, not an article posted several platforms, not fixed number of articles on the same platform for delivery. Appropriate regularly add some relevant Links.

three, the basic structure of the website

algorithm to adjust the love of Shanghai read more

A qualified Shanghai dragon should have what knowledge

I think most of the Shanghai dragon ER website only one purpose, that is to establish the site to engage in profitable, more to get money. We all know that now is not easy to make money, of course, the network to make money is not an easy thing. So, we still have to pay attention to many matters. First of all, the selection of key words website will play a very important role in part, site selection is a good keyword needs to consider how many keywords and the degree of competition visits (if you know how many keywords, traffic can be zhishu.baidu贵族宝贝 check in Shanghai love index), the daily traffic keywords will have update.


website keywords website: cognitive structure

of course, the site of the overall framework of the arrangements and will be set with the CSS file and JS file placement, so set is a problem that can not be ignored in the CSS and JS position. read more

How to treat the PageRank zero


1, this site is new, the noble baby has not had time to give it to judge, noble baby PR audit is generally a quarter update, there are 4 big update for a year, so it is unlikely that a new website on-line access to pr. Your site is probably may not see the PR value of the change in a very long period of time. Especially some new sites. This is not what the PR value is no bad thing, as long as we do not use black hat approach to your love station, as long as earnest, believe that a few months, there is a certain effect.

3, if a site before the search rankings are very good, and no other major changes, and suddenly appeared in the case of PR=O, can be said that this is the noble baby standing in accept punishment.

see the station, Shanghai has 1, but the weight of love or noble baby PR is zero, a preliminary analysis of the reasons for it, this is still a new station to the station, only 6 months, is still in the sandbox in the noble baby. read more

Some views on love and Shanghai outside the chain of tools

I click on one of the chain, as shown above, then I copy this chain open IE as shown below:

love Shanghai own also shows in this upgrade, the chain of information as the original unfiltered information, its statistics is only for reference, so I think the webmaster statistical love Shanghai outside the chain of tools as a reference after all.

more personal view for squid meal, squid meal for blog original, not on behalf of the public means, for reprint please indicate the source: 贵族宝贝haofa023贵族宝贝/post/8.html

no one outside the chain, the station is a car of my own website optimization, before adding a chain, but later because the movie website K to be canceled, but in the love of Shanghai outside the chain of tools still maintained a chain, then we can look at love in the new Shanghai issued outside the chain of tools upgrade edition November 22nd open beta announcement "the following sentence is to say, as shown below: read more

Secrets of enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng single page earn 200P

from the picture we can see the main flow of this webpage is: what is the meaning of Shanghai dragon on the flow of IP is: 84, what is the Shanghai dragon IP traffic every day: 87, what is the Shanghai Dragon (including Shanghai dragon sensitive) flow is: 28 plus 15 equals 43, the total number of "IP: 87+84+43=214 IP, also contains some other long tail word.

single page positioning strategy

single keywords daily IP: the number of IP = keyword search volume keywords divided by the location of the click rate, such as ranking the first page of the page click rate is about 20%, second: click rate is about 15, third is about 10%, fourth place is generally above 10%, while the number of bid ranking each keyword is different, different industries, different user attributes and each page description is different, will also directly affect the different hits, you can test the following, to dream of Shanghai dragon public training website is analyzed, the following is Shanghai. read more