Love Shanghai refused to let us return to the line outside the chain of tools rational chain Era

I love Shanghai rejected outside the chain of tools on-line really let us return to rational chain era, no longer blindly pursue the chain, because we have only won a hand content, high quality content to win, to win the user ranking. So we webmaster.

guess: high quality the chain site is bound to a crucial role of Shanghai Longfeng, before we usually pay attention to quantity, not quality, in a large number of repeat forum outside the chain, everywhere is the chain, the same copy text, makes the domestic forum become the birthplace of Shanghai Longfeng chain waste. This is enough to see the garbage outside the chain to the site in the Shanghai dragon after help, it will affect the site’s ranking in search engines.

search engine recently frequent adjustment, but also to optimize the network industry once again self-discipline, but also on the website practitioners a fair competition, the love of Shanghai rejected outside the chain of tools on the line on the line let us return to rational chain era, from the following 2 can see love Shanghai foreign chain the attention, and not to fair, the low quality of the chain control of.

guess two: the chain rule, must become an important basis for the number of samples of the Shanghai dragon rankings, from the number, the rejected outside the chain of tools function makes every line of the chain release rules are well documented on the basis of making love in Shanghai, which has become one of the most important reasons in the ranking of the chain. Good, high quality is not high, no longer is our pursuit of the magnitude of the era, but the real master of high quality data, and the organic law.

guess three: we’ve been so spread the word "chain for the king, for the emperor", there is a good website, the importance of the chain, but before doing the chain, we do is within the chain and content, this year from the Shanghai 1-2 love to adjust our proof, user experience in love the hearts of Shanghai play a big dominant, so we seize the core content is also grasp the core of the ranking.

2, if you have to buy links, the mass of the chain, linked to the black chain operation tried to search engine ranking of cheating, we cannot guarantee to get rid of the negative effect in a short time the chain of garbage on your site, it takes weeks or longer to verify, please wait patiently.


on the line by refusing to outside the chain of tools, although we can directly clear know the chain, delete unnecessary chain, but from the side we should pay more attention to the quality of the chain, because this series of measures, is a high quality website, I from the 3 points of.

1, Shanghai officially launched the first love to the chain tool, if you find the number of links pointing to your site, such as the low quality of false spam links is considerable, and may have a negative impact on the site, and is difficult to pass through the other way to delete spam links, can be used to delete the chain tool.

(the source of love Shanghai data report)