How to analyze the chain to do website ranking

this time, analysis work becomes more and more important, to be honest, I think the analysis and statistical work should occupy a certain proportion in the content of your work, rather than charging busy and eyes is. Many people love to see someone else’s post, especially outside the chain of this one, say in what to do, what to do, for example, is nothing more than B2B, classified information, forum, blog…… And so on, but never analysis do what’s the meaning of value. When I was learning Shanghai dragon, is like this, then summed up the thirteen methods of the chain, a kind of what to do, but did not find the decisive role to the website ranking, it was very confused, do muddleheaded.

in order to analyze this aspect, I deliberately made a table, the daily post place to record and analyze. The first is the blog platform, I went to do love Shanghai, NetEase Sina blog, blog, blog blog and other Sohu, several high weight blog, because I heard many people say that BSP can blog chain agent well, I tried several ways, one is the article with anchor text two, send articles with anchor text, a link with the site, three is the anchor text, link, two pronged. The four is neither a nor with link anchor text. You guess is what, I put these good links eleven analysis, see the love of Shanghai have included, found that such a check down, regardless of the kind of love Shanghai space form, will be included, Sina included only a link, the NetEase included not only with links, nor with the anchor text, Sohu also, there are not included the anchor text or links. Then listen to what others say, NetEase use the nofollow tag, is to leave the links and the anchor text collection is of no use. After the NetEase to analyze their own blog source code, indeed, such a result is not going to NetEase, and the Sohu is not included in the world.

today I want to say, is not to say that you go to what place do outside the chain, but to tell you, how to effectively and selectively to do outside the chain, so as not to make their own efforts to make their own waste, do things that are valuable to the website to become meaningful. In fact, early I also found a problem, Shanghai dragon beginner people love to follow suit, is where many people go where do not go there to do what is the significance of analysis, then in the end there will be love Shanghai, the spider climb, thus finds that it is an effective external chain.

I once asked a master, ask him how to do the chain, he did not tell me the specific, but he told me: I never go to the place where many people do the chain. His words hit me, yes, where many people outside the chain of quality is not high, who would you go to the forum posts, irrigation water, you can top up, but if the forum was slightly to attack or adjust your chain will fall badly also, ranking will fall.