How do the long tail keywords

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in Shanghai Longfeng field, the longer, the more specific, the search times lower word long tail keywords. Such as: how to do web site optimization " ", "how to do long tail keywords, such as:

1) a single long tail word search times, the introduction of traffic is low, but the overall quantity is huge, the total search add up to the number of not less than the target keyword search, the total flow is not less than the target keywords introduced, is worthy of the name of the flow of gold.

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what is the long tail keywords

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optimization of the road is long, long tail keywords optimization is just one small step, to speed up the Shanghai dragon optimization steps, you need to know about more optimization of knowledge, you can see my previous article, I believe that your help

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Wei Wei believes that as a Shanghai Longfeng personnel must learn how to do long tail keywords, long tail keywords do mainly depends on overall structure design of the site and the site. Only the two have done better, can easily be made up of long tail keywords.

do the long tail of both simple and difficult. It is simple to analyze generally do not need long tail keywords, do not need to optimize the long tail keywords specific. Because of the large number of long tail keywords, only through a large number of optimization of quality content and website structure, to ensure that the web page is included. Just let the page with the Shanghai basic standard dragon optimization, long tail keywords ranking can be fully improve.


is a web site to get good rankings, just choose the main keywords is not enough, then we want to be quick on the home page, so we’re going to do long tail keywords optimization. The long tail keywords is a major source of traffic to the site, so how to do long tail keywords? Today Weiwei Shanghai dragon will come and share how I do long tail keywords optimization.

said the long tail keywords difficult, because to do long tail keywords, first of all have a lot of content, for small and medium-sized enterprises, in addition to reprint, acquisition, there seems to be no better way. Do the long tail keywords, basic website optimization, especially the internal link structure, must pay attention to, only do so in order to ensure a large number of long tail keywords page is included.

2) another important reason why Shanghai Longfeng personnel concerned of the long tail word, long tail keywords can improve the competition, a large number of long tail keywords ranking, which prompted the target keywords ranking improve.

how to do long tail keywords

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Why do the long tail keywords