The prevalence of nternet marketing website promotion methods

SNS is a social networking site, in the rise of the Internet is not a long time, but the development speed is quite fast, gathered a lot of Internet users, so marketers can not not go to platform. Now more fire SNS website, renren贵族宝贝 happy net, Myspace贵族宝贝, Douban etc.. SNS users released a log or mood, friends can be timely in their own personal home page to see, there are different approaches but equally satisfactory results effect with micro-blog, but micro-blog is strong in this information is timely and long in Internet space, use this platform to do marketing promotion, the effect is quite obvious.

network marketing personnel to carry out the promotion is the most important feature of it directly with timely communication tools, how users demand, can communicate directly, the conversion rate is one of the relatively high platform. As a popular chat tool QQ, Wangwang, MSN, can be face to face communication with customers, to convey information more accurately, but also can shorten the communication time, is a practical marketing tool on the internet.

love in Shanghai following the weight down forum signature and blog reply on the chain method, improve the weights of the classified information website, so the use of classified information to promote website product >

fourth: SNS

second: timely communication tools

: the first micro-blog marketing

this new Internet product development quite quickly, in the following Sina micro-blog red network, each big website has launched micro-blog plate, like micro-blog Tencent, NetEase micro-blog, Sohu, micro-blog, micro-blog said it love Shanghai skyline, and so have active. Network marketing personnel are also aimed at this position, the use of micro-blog hot popularity, to promote the network to show its strong vitality.

third: Forum promotion

the development of the Internet as a torrent fierce unstoppable, at the same time, the development of e-commerce is also like a raging fire, network promotion is also followed by the surging momentum. Now, network promotion is paid attention to by many enterprises, how to use the Internet products to efficient to do this work, earn more profit for the company, small wateryuer combined with network marketing methods own website titanium reactor in extension work now in the Internet is very popular hot to share with you.

Micro-blog With the further promotion of

fifth: classification information promotion

network, Forum promotion is also increasing the difficulty. The forum is to promote use of forum with user powerful fixed users, it does not directly bring high quality client or web site is to bring a strong flow, but can increase the brand or product exposure rate. Through the promotion of this platform can establish a brand image, this is a very long-term work, not to the immediate effect, the effect of brand is to go through long-term work to show, on the company’s post benefit is immeasurable.