Share and solve the three main factors that cause the ups and downs of the website ranking

& & solution:

[Second]: website content too many pseudo original

optimization guide love Shanghai clearly pointed out that the requirements of our website submitted on-line after the Shanghai love should not change greatly, otherwise it will let love Shanghai spiders cannot properly crawl and crawl, causing the punishment mechanism, resulting in fluctuating ranking. But some sites because in the pre paid no attention to write good title and keywords, to optimize work later become bad, we have to go to a website, but once changed, probably caused by the above mentioned website ranking of the ups and downs of the situation. Under such circumstances, what should we do?

love Shanghai spiders and human foraging habits that are new, for too much on the network number of repeat content, Shanghai will automatically give up love spiders crawl and crawl behavior, therefore, we always emphasize the original. However, due to a lack of writing skills and on the website of the lack of industry knowledge, let the webmaster can not every day create an excellent original, therefore only rely on pseudo original to elaborate spider, in the course of time, too many pseudo original love Shanghai spiders that website quality is too low, so that the site began ranking the ups and downs.

[]: the first site to carry out a large-scale revision or change


according to common sense, as long as do the site optimization, after a period of time to reach a stable position, but why is a ranking of the ups and downs of the end? The author analyzed many similar problems of the website, and all found three common factors causing these rankings unstable here I come, a simple analysis.

believe that every webmaster want to site to solidly stable row in Shanghai love home, but because the love Shanghai algorithm and website for their own reasons, have been hard to do up the rankings and instantly fell to 100, something like this repeat, let the webmaster very distressed.

& & solution: the original do not come out, "

(2) love Shanghai Webmaster Platform recently launched a "small tool website", we can use this tool to carry out safety revision, before the revision, fill out the detailed information in the revision of this tool, can let love Shanghai change our recognition behavior, so as to reduce the website ranking instability occurs:

(1) owners should be aware that love is to give Shanghai a "notice on the site before the revision: use the robot.txt file to prohibit all search engines, just set the ban included, love of spiders in Shanghai will follow the agreement to stop on the site crawling.