Shanghai dragon lexicon how to classified three types of search keywords classification


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so everyone in the website traffic, can be considered in this part of the basis of keywords.

Shanghai dragon key Thesaurus: how classified three types of search keywords

navigation is very large, generally accounted for about 12% of the total amount of search.

trading, this is very easy to understand, it occupies about 10% of the main component, the daily life of people shopping search for meeting the keywords, such as "iphone6," what time listed "the latest iphone6 panic buying" and so on this type of search, account transaction keywords.

information search keywords accounted for ratio of the number of the words is the largest, up to 80%, mostly general information, such as a variety of Wikipedia, I want to know "what is the tail keywords" is key information.

, we want to do some dynamic advertising pictures, in Taobao search related sellers, later found a home, can also be done, the price is very cheap, only 5 cents a. Because the amount is large, can also be free for us to do a few. I only know that they called the Taobao store: Q smart young bear, but do not know if there is no website. I’m in love inside the Shanghai direct search: Q smart young bear. It also found, but not the site, is their official blog.

navigation, is actually very easy to understand, that is to say when you want to access a web site, but they forget how much is the domain name, this time you search keywords in the search engine, can be a direct search site name.

as personnel, to analyze site keywords, so how should we put the keyword classification website? Here, I’ll give you a brief introduction of three methods of keyword classification.

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classificationGeneral For example: before Keywords Keywords search volume Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

search keyword search and navigation.

general a web site for large flow, is through the information of key words.


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