Lu Cong Shanghai dragon tends to mainstream user experience

as we saw above, at the same time I search results with Xiao Cong is not the same. Why? I think later. The feeling should be in different places. I search in Nanjing, while he was in search of Beihai. Different regions of different search results? This is the love of Shanghai progress a great performance of the algorithm. With the increasing development of today. Love Shanghai also began to pay more attention to the user. Indeed, only after all Internet users use love Shanghai, he is only useful if no users love Shanghai, that he has a value of

Shanghai Longfeng webmasters in the minds of most is "content is king is the most profound foundation, the chain for the emperor". But in the search engine algorithm is changing today. It will have some changes? Even if it is extension and development. The Nantong Shanghai dragon today is about change about love and Google Shanghai. The author found that the main is user experience.

more and more webmaster friends complain about love Shanghai ranking problem, most of our Shanghai dragon Er seems to be led by the nose. Today to a peer’s blog, the love of Shanghai scolded. But a problem he mentioned aroused my curiosity, but also reminds me of something.

this is actually launched the local nobility baby information platform. This platform is a business or other use of "noble baby information" free to create your business information. Potential customers search for local information in the noble treasure map when can find out about your business information: your address, Business Hours even store or product photos. This way is convenient, free, and does not require you to have your own website. >

We are searching for any

and Shanghai dragon Fu Xiaocong, asked him where the Shanghai dragon, he said the first is the Shanghai Shanghai dragon. I hurriedly to love Shanghai, love is out of the Shanghai encyclopedia. In second place is the Nanjing Shanghai dragon, then Xiao Cong regret to say that Shanghai dragon why ranked out, then the search Shanghai dragon screenshot sent to me.

? A few days ago when the Beihai



– Google

love Shanghai – regional

things appear in the search engine home page are basically 10 websites, Google has more than 10, why? It is because of Google’s preferential policies. We in the Google search page to see the right side has a noble baby map, above A, B, C, D mark of this class. Each letter and a link to a page.

preferential policies

found that Google is today the preferential policy. Want to see Nantong Shanghai dragon in the Google ranking today. Just search for the next Nantong Shanghai dragon. The author of the site on the front page of the row ninth, just a happy thing! But the problem appeared again!