Shanghai dragon also need to be skilled in debate to improve website ranking step by step

2, the website design is simple and generous, although the spider can not crawl your site pictures, but the spider is able to capture images of the property, if the design of your site is not in place, the site code is not streamlined, redundant or RT code, so this website does not have the foundation to seduce love Shanghai, love Shanghai love is the design of elegant, concise code website, for those code redundant, design chaos website is ignored.

love to seduce Shanghai?, not wrong, Shanghai dragon to seduce love Shanghai by skilled in debate now, before the Shanghai dragon is mostly based on the outside of the chain, the chain for the emperor of the word is also popular in the hearts of greatly small Adsense, and we should from their own temperament to seduce love Shanghai now, by setting up their own temperament to seduce love Shanghai Daye, which requires us to have a good website’s own foundation, and this foundation includes the content of the website, design, code, make these points to initially have a foundation to seduce love Shanghai.

in real life, users buy things or enjoy the service must first observe the name, but this point for Internet sites as well, many users through the search into the site and not by the popularity of the site, but by the name of the site – commonly known as the title. The title is the beginning of a website to attract users, the quality of the title of the website traffic has a direct relationship, many sites of the title is the title statement, and this kind of title is not accord with the needs of the user, the title writing method below I put forward several seduce user:

skilled in debate let you learn love Shanghai

allows you to learn user

many webmaster are complaining about the Shanghai dragon has been out of date, in fact Shanghai dragon is not out of date, but because part of the webmaster ideas do not change, with the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai algorithm adjustment can also be adjusted before the Shanghai dragon is mostly a miracle in silence, but now we are doing is to abandon the Shanghai dragon silence, constantly shaping the Shanghai dragon a skilled in debate, improve the site’s ranking.

skilled in debate. .

2, with words such as the title, you do provide information services, then we can write: check.

1, with the title question, such as you do this with the service shop, so our website title can be: what are the benefits of open shop open shop? What is good and so on?.

1, in the website content must wear new clothes, so there is a saying in real life: people rely on clothes, the Buddha by gold. The words used in the Shanghai dragon also is not wrong, it is time for the site every day to update the original article, enhance website original content, update from January 5th love in Shanghai, we can see that love Shanghai love is the original content for the website, those non original I can only say sorry to say you, you even do not have their foundation how to seduce love Shanghai?