Fat the value of the blog Shanghai Longfeng area

not guessing, a friend recommended to me is New Balance, the price of similar to Nike, but really wore new 100-lun and Nike shoes, more willing to recommend to friends, so no matter what you are engaged in the industry, the key lies in whether you stand in someone else’s perspective, whether the intentions of service you customers, these are the real winners, this is the embodiment of the value.

B, for enterprises to create awareness, and to more conversion.


before we talk about the area of Shanghai dragon blog value, first bought yesterday after nagging about shoes, look at the value behind the city to go over there to buy a new pair of shoes yesterday, my friends and friends strongly recommended to me, said the shoes he wore for three years, like new, wear it is particularly comfortable, although the appearance of the above less than Nike and Adidas, but also its own unique style, I probably looked at whether it is design or tablet sports shoes are almost the same, the estimates are from a design concept.

more and more people began to study the Shanghai dragon and learning, more and more people to build their own areas of Shanghai and Beijing Shanghai dragon dragon blog, the word of love in May Shanghai average index of about 200 or so, the search result is about 4160000, the value of living in the city first, that more and more people pay attention to the Beijing a piece of cake, the value of it lies in Shanghai Longfeng blog

whether the individual or enterprise, a region of Shanghai dragon blog will need to spend a lot of time to take care of, when you do not love the Shanghai page, either personal or corporate brand visibility impossible, why spend the same time on why not create their own brand, so the word is certainly not the degree of competition, because the word created for you, spend the same time and money to prove themselves and improve the conversion rate of more than in the Shanghai dragon blog. We hope that the newcomers do not blindly pursue Shanghai dragon, innovation and imagination than the pursuit of more practical and realistic.

borrow this a topic to talk about the value of the blog area of Shanghai dragon, the fat man is do Beijing Shanghai Longfeng area of the blog, because people in Beijing, two is a resource without supply on hand, three are lovers, not to make money to the purpose of course, this blog is the record of some experience and experience, witness the Internet records of Shanghai Longfeng drip, drip, it is always the heart.

the starting A5 and my blog www.pangzi贵族宝贝/ Shanghai _service/45.html Shanghai dragon dragon, reproduced retain this link.

A, one is to build the brand, to prove their strength.