Analysis of website construction which aspects need to optimize the medium

site construction webmaster to site about optimization for a construction site, it needs to optimize those aspects, it is important to optimize the station optimization, or outside the station is important, website optimization method to choose those? These factors will affect the operation of the site. Kedeng bloggers do website optimization is a long time, to share their experience in optimization.

again: the optimization of the website chain. For the web site outside of the chain, the main Bo is quality rather than quantity, patient. There are a lot of website promotion methods, but the chain is not so obtained and methods are of high quality, the high quality of the chain keywords ranking is the premise. So for the website optimization, the chain optimization is not put off. The best of the chain is soft, like Bo blog website optimization, the source of the chain is soft, so the main keywords ranking is stable. For the chain effect in the forum, the blogger is not in favor of or against, even if is the chain of the forum, but also to choose a few weight high BBS, like Wikipedia forum, A5, Shanghai dragon why, the forum’s weight >

: first to optimize the overall construction site. Here comes the whole construction includes: the domain name of the website, the website program selection, website template selection, site navigation site settings, the overall color settings, site selection of space. This is the web site, like people, have a good appearance to face the outside world. In the website optimization process, do not underestimate these aspects of the optimization, the optimization of the whole site is gone, leaving the small details of the optimization. The choice of site space is simply independent IP, good service, good hosting control panel: cPanel panel etc.. Site procedures and template selection may affect the user experience, although this will not affect the spider crawling, but also belongs to the category of Web site optimization, website in addition to attract spiders, it is more important to attract users, don’t put the main target to forget.

second: website optimization keywords. Fill in the website keywords seemingly simple, optimization is not simple, the website title written each program is not the same, the spider will crawl the site of title, so title’s writing was very important, the website main keywords to assign a good, do not appear to repeat the words, usually is the main site keywords "plus" site name ", so in the website keywords ranking, search engine will give some weight in the crawl. For keyword bloggers are generally not written, keyword will not be displayed in the search engine, so write any relationship is not. But description is indispensable, he will also be search engine grab, keyword description to join the site, on the website of the simple description, is to add a keyword in the keyword ranking, will have the advantage.