Secrets of enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng single page earn 200P

from the picture we can see the main flow of this webpage is: what is the meaning of Shanghai dragon on the flow of IP is: 84, what is the Shanghai dragon IP traffic every day: 87, what is the Shanghai Dragon (including Shanghai dragon sensitive) flow is: 28 plus 15 equals 43, the total number of "IP: 87+84+43=214 IP, also contains some other long tail word.


single page positioning strategy

single keywords daily IP: the number of IP = keyword search volume keywords divided by the location of the click rate, such as ranking the first page of the page click rate is about 20%, second: click rate is about 15, third is about 10%, fourth place is generally above 10%, while the number of bid ranking each keyword is different, different industries, different user attributes and each page description is different, will also directly affect the different hits, you can test the following, to dream of Shanghai dragon public training website is analyzed, the following is Shanghai.

for more than 90% of the individual owners and businesses, earning 200IP is unbelievable things, because 90% of the corporate Web site to do a day to get 200 IP, regardless of Fangyuan understanding the general enterprise web site wide IP are below 100 / day accounted for more than 90%, can achieve 100 IP every day the station is Shanghai dragon enterprise strategy, there is no day to earn 200 of the IP web site should be how to do website optimization strategy? Gu Fangyuan told them the following.

Calculation formula of

first, you want to get every 200 IP results as a guide when you understand what is the results you want, and then began to enter the stage of analysis, such as: every step of the total search volume of "the words," the love of Shanghai keywords ranking position analysis, "where the number of keyword bidding the search engine ranking, natural ranking web page description and user attribute analysis and so on, the following Fangyuan Gu for everyone one by one analysis.

enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng single page earn 200IP tips, enterprise Shanghai Longfeng single page earn 200 IP has been in the QQ group and YY voice training in open sharing times, for some basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon friend, had mastered the advanced strategies for some basic knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng friends. Sleepwalking, for more people to learn Shanghai, without any threshold, at the same time, Gu Fangyuan in the "share dedication" of the spirit, today unreservedly share enterprise Shanghai dragon with an ordinary page day to earn 200IP skills, first I have to do to earn 200IP, otherwise Gu Fangyuan today are not eligible to share here, is the following single Web traffic statistics:

enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng earn 200IP strategy