Some views on love and Shanghai outside the chain of tools

I click on one of the chain, as shown above, then I copy this chain open IE as shown below:

love Shanghai own also shows in this upgrade, the chain of information as the original unfiltered information, its statistics is only for reference, so I think the webmaster statistical love Shanghai outside the chain of tools as a reference after all.

more personal view for squid meal, squid meal for blog original, not on behalf of the public means, for reprint please indicate the source: 贵族宝贝haofa023贵族宝贝/post/8.html

no one outside the chain, the station is a car of my own website optimization, before adding a chain, but later because the movie website K to be canceled, but in the love of Shanghai outside the chain of tools still maintained a chain, then we can look at love in the new Shanghai issued outside the chain of tools upgrade edition November 22nd open beta announcement "the following sentence is to say, as shown below:

recently found many articles in Shanghai say the chain tool, today I also said some views about love in Shanghai outside the chain of tools. 1.10 30 August Shanghai love announcement outside the chain of tools beta version of the line, we can query the web site outside of the chain in Shanghai outside the chain of tools, in fact, this for our webmaster is one thing very, the chain can query their own website, this is the love of Shanghai affirmed the importance of the chain.

this is my chain of a movie site found in Shanghai love outside the chain of tools inside, but the picture is not difficult to see, Shanghai is love statistics the chain and the chain number sent by my website, but the squid meal carefully looked at, found the chain of love Shanghai the tool chain was not accurate, we know by below: