How to treat the PageRank zero


1, this site is new, the noble baby has not had time to give it to judge, noble baby PR audit is generally a quarter update, there are 4 big update for a year, so it is unlikely that a new website on-line access to pr. Your site is probably may not see the PR value of the change in a very long period of time. Especially some new sites. This is not what the PR value is no bad thing, as long as we do not use black hat approach to your love station, as long as earnest, believe that a few months, there is a certain effect.

3, if a site before the search rankings are very good, and no other major changes, and suddenly appeared in the case of PR=O, can be said that this is the noble baby standing in accept punishment.

see the station, Shanghai has 1, but the weight of love or noble baby PR is zero, a preliminary analysis of the reasons for it, this is still a new station to the station, only 6 months, is still in the sandbox in the noble baby.

in fact, as early as the end of 2001, according to the use of means of suspected sites, noble baby introduced a sanctions to the site of the PR becomes zero. No matter how many people this website link to it, it’s all the web pages or at least many pages of PR in the noble baby toolbar display zero.

two years ago began to withdraw from the Chinese market, but due to Chinese network demand, causes of nobility baby may also do not want to resort. The love of Shanghai search engine is dominant, but after all the noble baby but also can not be underestimated, and he is also the old brother. Of course, many webmaster, reason for their website PR value more valued. Do you as a webmaster, how do you think PR

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, but suffered heavy losses!The

PR=0 phenomenon may be the following reasons:

Although Google is zero?

suffered from specific causes of punishment, should be the website structure optimization and violation of noble baby doctrine, or do some bad operation. If you want a healthy development of its own web site, try to avoid the black hat means to optimize the site. The site has been K

2, the site may lack of import links, says bluntly, is not what website to link to it. Don’t panic situation like this, think of ways to optimize the zero page, the same can get good rankings.