A qualified Shanghai dragon should have what knowledge

I think most of the Shanghai dragon ER website only one purpose, that is to establish the site to engage in profitable, more to get money. We all know that now is not easy to make money, of course, the network to make money is not an easy thing. So, we still have to pay attention to many matters. First of all, the selection of key words website will play a very important role in part, site selection is a good keyword needs to consider how many keywords and the degree of competition visits (if you know how many keywords, traffic can be zhishu.baidu贵族宝贝 check in Shanghai love index), the daily traffic keywords will have update.


website keywords website: cognitive structure

of course, the site of the overall framework of the arrangements and will be set with the CSS file and JS file placement, so set is a problem that can not be ignored in the CSS and JS position.


second important points: to assess the comprehensive search engine segmentation principle before the site, and later extended the selected keywords.

server domain name

choose a good server is on the website is a very important step. The server is stable or not, the access speed will influence the quality of Shanghai dragon. In the choice of the domain name, the domain name before considering whether there had been K’s experience, if the domain name is really K it, it will not be able to register it, because it will greatly affect the day after optimization. Of course, in addition to the factors considered are: whether the domain name is Shanghai dragon love, this easy to remember domain name for the user and so on. In short, a good server with a good domain name is the priority among priorities of the development of Shanghai dragon.

entered the Shanghai dragon in this line has been nearly 2 years, in this industry, the most began to have little professional Shanghai dragon Er, but rookie level people everywhere. Then I think a true master will have what special optimization skills? What method not to be divulged? "I have found through observation, study for a period of time, in fact, Shanghai dragon learning it is not difficult, but it is extended to the highest level is not an easy thing. After two years of my own experience, I think the real Shanghai dragon ER should have the following:

finally: to fully understand the optimization method of the station outside the station

: first select the

Shanghai dragon to do in addition to the server name, but also on the structure of the site itself is adjusted. Make sure you want the website structure is flat or vertical. And also a detailed analysis of whether the site is beneficial to the spider crawling, whether the website update will soon be included in search engines to find the effect of user convenience.