2014 in the face of love Shanghai how to quickly update, new sites included

through the web log analysis, if your site does not log spider climb traces, then love Shanghai also don’t know there is such a site. At this time, should make the chain for the website to attract the spider love Shanghai. The hair of the chain, pay attention to the diversification of the chain, such as plain text, anchor text, and to adhere to the diversification of the chain orientation. (to the weight of the high site hair some outside the chain, such as A5, a push, laggards… ) for good original soft Wen contribute at the same time, more diversified platform regular operation, not an article posted several platforms, not fixed number of articles on the same platform for delivery. Appropriate regularly add some relevant Links.

three, the basic structure of the website

algorithm to adjust the love of Shanghai


two, the amount of added outside the chain of high quality

love Shanghai have included our site, we can start from the web log to start, we view the site log is there love Shanghai spider crawling records records. If your site is crawling log record mark love spiders from Shanghai so that your site has been crawling into the library, just put out just yet, so this is the case, we have to do is to take care of our website, adhere to the original updated content (in order to the spider every time you visit the website of love in Shanghai close not included site) wait to

Analysis of

if the two problems above are met, and website content can not be released, then the analysis of all aspects of your website, see if there do not in place, such as whether the website structure is chaotic, whether the content for the original article, whether the website updated original content, the robots file is set right, 301 redirect, 404 pages, web space is stable and.


recently in the forum and exchange group in many of my friends are discussing a problem, a lot of new sites not included, on June the new basic not included. No matter what the industry’s website in June launched a new station basically not much included, in the face of this problem must be every webmaster friends are very anxious worry! The webmaster will ask how to quickly make new sites included? Time to summarize according to past experience, love Shanghai every year in June will be a big update and net action network. Love Shanghai black June the vocabulary we must not strange. So now we are facing the situation should be how to deal with

, a web log analysis

The first step of

there is a possibility that, sometimes, is not our own Shanghai Longfeng optimization problem, but love Shanghai search engine algorithm is adjusted, may lead to not be included in this case. Because every June love Shanghai have a big update, only that the webmaster friends happened to meet this time so that we can do is at this time, "