Shanghai dragon Er qualified should grasp four core knowledge

with the Internet’s interest, more and more traditional industries are involved in network marketing. As a result, the network promotion is also more and more attention by enterprises, as the promotion of cheap and effective Shanghai dragon is undoubtedly the promotion enterprise preferred. In the end a qualified Shanghai dragon Er should master the knowledge of what the following Wang Wei told us to discuss Shanghai dragon Er qualified to master the knowledge.

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, a website / data analysis


Shanghai dragon is to do simple things again, insist on doing a qualified Shanghai dragon Er should have the website construction of the chain, and a number of optimization work station optimization adjustment.

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three, Shanghai Longfeng optimized operation table for

web based data tables of statistics, such as the daily snapshot, included, the chain. Making Links tracking form, station changes form, making Shanghai dragon form is a basic optimization ability of Shanghai dragon Er should have, when the site was down right or K, we can quickly find the data from the statistical table there is a major change in what, what the fuck. To find out the reasons to deal with the site right down.

In fact,

a qualified Shanghai dragon ER in addition to the above 4 points the author tells, Shanghai dragon Er should also have team cooperation and selfless attitude.

four, Shanghai Longfeng executive ability

web site to edit details, website scheme, website optimization, the chain construction plan…… Writing is the accumulation of late outstanding Shanghai dragon Er foundation.


two, write optimization ability of

I will back Shanghai dragon er for outstanding qualities, will involve the server program, and ZhengZhan optimization of this knowledge, please look forward to.


a lot of time to do the preparatory work is data. Keywords analysis, mining user needs, the user needs to rule, the website conversion rate up; competitor analysis keywords and website optimization operating practices, to find their own website, focus on continuous improvement, planning, formulate appropriate operation details of the optimization, step by step implementation.

Analysis of Shanghai dragon pre finishing