Using the Universiade news material quickly increased to 500 on the P website

yesterday, we work as usual, because the thought of attention Universiade information will work in Shenzhen friends, issued a "Shenzhen Universiade holiday notice is not a statutory holiday enterprises can independently arrange" the afternoon we love Shanghai, immediately realized the fast collection, which is a manifestation of Shenzhen Jinghang technology official the weights of the website, did not expect that, immediately after they came through the search, and more and more, have a bit of a surprise.


search Universiade notified by the enterprise, the results show that we are in the first row, the number of registered search.

this is August 7th after the news was collected in search of information, of course, not here today, but also to a lot of IP.

this is the realization of the collected Google news screenshot, screenshot for today, display is 19 hours ago, but also realize the seconds.

is this news page, browse times today reached 419, released yesterday after more than 60.

today is August 8, 2011, 3 years ago today, the official opening of the Beijing Olympics, Chinese round the dream of a hundred years! 3 years later, from the Shenzhen Universiade Opened only 4 days, this is all Shenzhen people’s dream coming true! This is also held in Shenzhen and the largest influence events, believe, from here, has not the same wonderful! Best wishes of Shenzhen more beautiful, more beautiful tomorrow, I wish the Universiade success!

this is the realization of news love Shanghai included in the second, after the release of a screenshot of the display is 1 hours before yesterday.


through a variety of related Universiade information search in, see is the source of love in Shanghai in August 8th.

, ip490, 513 unique visitors, this is we did not think of, give us some revelation.



today to share with you here, this is the Shenzhen website construction company Jinghang Technology (贵族宝贝 through the current popular new.

More than 10 shots on August 8, 2011 at

this morning, visit the company’s website login, don’t know, a look for a big surprise, when IP has reached 300, usually a day is more than 100 to 200, check the traffic sources, the original is through the search of Shenzhen Universiade to put fake information. I estimated at that time, today IP exceeded 500 must not have what problem, will also create the highest record since the opening of the company’s website, the following screenshot look together.