Bidding tutorial advertising ring case decryption WAP hard advertising operation (on)

advertising circle of contact in the company, has long been a part of doing all kinds of hard wide, such as players such as WAP text ads, text link advertising portal website, such as small business advertising. And they are advertising groups, mainstream Internet projects and even some small projects they are involved, the scale effect makes them become an important winner network for industry, and they can effectively avoid vicious competition.

website basically is a popular product (of course, this product basically is the combination of Chinese Huaqiang North sources), the broad market, this kind of product consumption ability is very strong. This is why you know, Taobao above more than 100 dollars NIKE is false, but the seller has to ensure genuine like. Of course, the quality of the product itself is good. Mobile phone digital products should be said to be more popular products.

hard advertising, many companies have been doing. At present, some large companies such as Sina, NetEase, Phoenix and so on there is also a large number of hard advertising (Shang Xun), but their advertising is an advertising agency, billing model into CPC. But this type of advertisement still belongs to the category of hard wide, portal website traffic is very large, so we focus on the analysis of this series of articles is needed to combat hard wide attention to detail.

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early in the rise of the Internet, advertising is very simple, basically are hard advertising. With the continuous development of the Internet, hard advertising gradually fade out of the mainstream of the Internet, but still live very moist. It can be said that the relatively hard advertising such as CPC advertising, more uncontrollable factors, the cost of advertising can recover is we have to focus on the topic.

advertising page.

as early as 2 months ago, the advertising circle of cooperation a specialized hard wide company, and they developed a detailed network advertising plan. They are the company’s main business is that some health care products or equipment, of course, the amount is very large. In the early 2009 when l is not very fire, started OEM OEM L-carnitine, all aspects of the experience is very advanced.

this is a portal on the interception of the advertisement, such a station one day about the number of IP is about 5000-7000, the advertisement is on discount of less than 10 thousand, but the benefits are far greater than the number.



channel rather than winning, winning products. Because they are view have more traffic channels, and through these channels to sell more products.

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