The original content updated website is the best path optimization

third, website content from the layout should be beautiful. Many webmaster friends only pay attention to the content of the original, but the contents of the layout attention degree is not enough, especially for those pages including a lot of text content, if not good layout, including text size, color and so on, it is difficult to improve the user to read, although this will not on the love of spiders in Shanghai the reading effect, but if users face the page there is a high bounce rate, then the search engine, will also have the attention to the web page, eventually bringing it into the garbage in the page, even if the page content is original, it is difficult to get a better ranking.

first, eliminate the irresponsible behavior of acquisition. Content acquisition is one of the many webmaster love there, because of the updating of the contents of the lowest degree of difficulty, and the fastest, which can make the content of the website up in a very short time. If the acquisition can be a simple processing station, such as the relevant website can post a release, the acquisition of the contents of statistics released, although these are from the collection, but after your editor, will make a lot of friends for help, this content has good optimization effect. So the acquisition behavior is not no, but not be irresponsible

fourth, to write with search engine optimization content requirements. The stationmaster difficulty is not small, especially the enterprise website, due to keywords restrictions, there are self >

I believe that this is actually one divided into two. The contents of the original is a long process, but for most of the webmaster is a very difficult work. Because of a two article original content is easy to do, but to make every day and a large number of natural, the difficulty will be a geometric growth. But since the love Shanghai spark plan has been implemented, the original content can not be ignored, so how to make the original content updated to become the best helper website optimization

second contents have illustrated properties. To know the current web browsing speed has been greatly improved, users will get shorter open website, so if users open web content relatively beautiful, illustrations, which not only can let users get the intuitive reading experience, can help users better understand the content. So the original content updated by graphic form appropriate, even including some video animation etc.. These can promote effective website content optimization effect.

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of Shanghai dragon understanding optimization webmaster friends, should know the importance of the original content, especially after the love Shanghai original spark program launched, this highlights the importance of. So many webmaster every day to spend a lot of effort to update the original, but after nearly a year of investigation, the website that hard every day to update the original content, its ranking effect did not achieve a breakthrough, this is not the original content update is not important?