Website optimization webmaster will know what are the factors causing the site to drop right

of course website because factors over optimization was right down and write articles, found that many of the webmaster friends inside pages, in order to improve the website keywords ranking, or to promote the anchor text no value to the customer home page or directory page.

6, the website has been implicated to the site right down — such as link trading and Links, the website of the other side down the right and implicated in our website right down, so do Links more risk is very large,

A large number of Optimization of

to share the station outside the station and factors that influence the site right down:


1) remember especially website without love Shanghai in the assessment period recurring to change site title;

2) if you really need to change the title can only occasionally small scale to change the title, can not scale to change the title of

site is most afraid of the site to drop right down the right, can not find the reasons, do not know how effective, targeted to solve the problem of right down, I believe maybe a lot of old webmaster friends website optimization are met right down, just contact for the website "/p>New friends,


: the first station factors causing the site to drop the right:

content revision 3 of the website, cause you dead links and station changes will lead to the site right down


2, found that many of the webmaster friends site at the top and the top of all appear keywords accumulation phenomenon, and these words have to do the anchor text pointing to the front page or directory page, these are optimal over many sites because of this optimization caused fall right


1, a lot of new webmaster friends in the website optimization, regular title to change the site, which led to the site right down

of course, causing the station right down there are many factors that will give you points.

drop right!

4, the garbage produced — many webmaster friends have a lot to collect the update to your site, or update the article is original, but for all customers is of no value, will lead to the site right down

5, website advertising too much — that May 17, 2013 Shanghai pomegranate algorithm love clear: blow in the content inside we ads or popups to interfering users read website

3) of course title and description site which do not appear keywords accumulation phenomenon, otherwise the probability of website drop right is also a great


optimization or contact site optimization is not long the friend you’re lucky no problems down the right site, so today I will give you reasons summed up the following website right down, but also to let everyone on the late operation site, operation on the site to avoid mistakes which led to