Liu Kangyu the current prevailing in the bottom layer decryption marketing

brush, when you search for a word, such as "Shenzhen Shanghai dragon" in Shanghai will not only love the search box will appear related words, and will appear at the bottom of the relevant search words, love Shanghai search results page such as: "Shenzhen Shanghai dragon" Shenzhen Liu Kangyu "Shanghai dragon training" and related and similar vocabulary. Also for example search "webmaster" in Shanghai the drop-down box will appear "Webmaster Tools", "webmaster statistics and other related words. This function is to do PPC can also be extended to. It is important that the relevant search love Shanghai drop-down box and bottom there is user actions, which is the user that is love, love is like Shanghai, so no related words appeared that is cheating.

This is the key principle of

first, I explain to you what is in love with the sea bottom layer marketing. Some people are so defined, is a time when customers search keywords, search at the bottom of the page, which shows you the desired target words. This is just a definition that in order to allow enterprises to spend money to do the comparison of face. But, in fact, is the users love Shanghai search, a drop-down box and relevant search result of. The focus here, this result is how to produce? Is very simple, and the word search volume in Shanghai in about love.

we have to station as an example to illustrate it by everyone. When the word "input" webmaster, love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search, as shown in figure

As for the


on the marketing technology, here is not to talk, after all this fall in love with the sea bottom layer > camp

on the principle of this kind of marketing in general 3-7 days to achieve significant results, perhaps some of the relatively low traffic of the day will be able to see, but no word, the flow is not much significance. The flow of the big words, it is very difficult to match up, this is related to the mechanism of search engines love Shanghai. After all the relevant search, and then click on the search. There is a different IP search results.

then fell in love with the word "bottom marketing fire", "fire" why is it so? Because it is relative to the love of Shanghai auction, you only need a little investment, you can get a great brand effect. What is called love bottom marketing? What charm, so many companies competing sought, here I come to you in love with the sea bottom layer marketing decryption.

appears as shown above, the owners of the house, stationmaster net site name. When users see, users will feel that the 2 sites should be great in the industry, to achieve the effect of a brand, business practices in. I am not here with an example.