Ding Taos dry cargo share Shanghai Longfeng expert Feng Weijun dialogue

I often before some Shanghai Longfeng problems, consult some experts. We generally have to face, will give patient explanation, but because of my cultural level is too low, there is little time to understand. It is often before please go to the YY class, also because of my ability to understand is too slow, not too big harvest. Today is half smoke please go to Shanghai Longfeng exchange QQ group to go to a Wei Jun teacher online faq. Just one hour, is filled with wisdom, click into place, can not help but lament the original Shanghai, this stuff is not so difficult. I guess I can understand the contents of the other owners certainly be nothing difficult. Now the online conversation content to sort out all that is dry cargo.

a site outbound links number, this is to the specific value, we generally recommend that outbound links number not more than 126, in the numerical within are.

you this is not be K, just in the right value, if your weight is 5, which is relative to the would you score 5 were poured into the 1W link, and if your articles are reprinted, then your website will be mistaken for article reprint once the base, be mistaken in this way, you will change the website snapshot every day.


5. on the Shanghai dragon have better management channel or is there a more detailed formal program flow can reference in order to review the Shanghai Phoenix staff performance and professional

is the most simple way is to look at the rankings, in a simple is come from SE flow rate of 100%.

3. for new sites, what are the desirable measures to avoid the sandbox


2. Google e-commerce optimization, a new station on the line, should pay attention to several problems of

you may know the best is the GG sandbox, and love of Shanghai is also a sand box, and avoid the sandbox, the main method is the growth of the chain curve, not fast growth, love Shanghai sand box for the rising number of numerical urgent chain, there will be a certain test. /p> coefficient


e-commerce optimization note: 1; site structure is reasonable 2; e-commerce user experience is in place 3; path URL website is reasonable if section 4; information optimization is in place 5 reasonable; whether there will be some illegal things. But the electronic commerce website when working outside, need to take into account the trial of crowd psychology, proposed e-commerce sites in the optimization when starting from the actual product, and can put some small details.


4. if many of my articles, the bottom add links to other sites, I have ten thousand words of the article, there are 10 thousand outbound links, this is not the sea will be fall in love with K

1. if a website, too many outbound links would affect the site in Shanghai

the weight of love? ?