Three steps to improve your skills in Shanghai Dragon

list of twenty websites, you will find a good website ranking, ranking will also understand is why, because what factors make a good website ranking, then we according to his to do. This is all right, of course, this reminds me of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, look at his place, not only because it is the love of Shanghai’s own products, he in Google, Sogou, ranking 360 is still very strong. This is why, it is very strong in the chain, to the chain we post with reasonable.

is not a lot of people say Shanghai dragon skills should enhance the angle of thinking, and then let them explain, it becomes empty, big, fake. If one thing cannot be quantified, then, is destined to be handed off, also does not have the significance, in fact, Shanghai dragon is not what we think, you only need to do the following three steps, your site’s ranking, see you on the level of understanding of

how to use this property? At this time, you have to put these twenty sites, analyzed one by one, the analysis of each site was made of list form, including articles, weight, time domain, reverse link, Links, which made a list, then the twenty comparison, you will be surprised to find.

three steps to improve your skills in Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon skills: understanding of your industry attributes

Shanghai dragon skillsThrough the comparison of

two: Shanghai dragon skills using the

attributeWe recognize that

in the top twenty inside, we can see, how much is the update frequency of the industry, the number of words, the chain growth rate, where, before the analysis of the competition, is the analysis, one is now the top twenty as a whole analysis, then analyze it that is love Shanghai for an attribute of the industry to judge.

we can observe the way to understand the love Shanghai algorithm, although we do not know what is the features of the algorithm, but it is what kind of, we can return the results through the love of Shanghai ranked the know, we only need to remember the first twenty, ranking the web site, and then through the analysis of them will probably know that love Shanghai certain aspects of the algorithm.

you want to know, love Shanghai algorithm is what kind of? We know that is not his algorithm, can effectively improve our website ranking, then love Shanghai algorithm in these ten years has always been a secret. So we can know? The answer is yes, we are able to recognize the. Of course you want to fully realize, understand this algorithm it is not possible. What do we know about this algorithm, now listen to me one by one.


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