Simple analysis of operation of Shanghai dragon in the process of optimizing social phenomenon

the following small to three social phenomenon, to give you a brief analysis of the operation ideas of Shanghai Longfeng optimization in

on improving the user experience of the social phenomenon right? thinking!

may be in life no matter what the local people will ride a motorcycle (motorbike) now! For example: one day, Xiao Bian I want to go out to work, but it is not the bus (taxi or bus), want not to be late for work so in this case, I will take the side of the road motorcycle. In general, if you see the side of the road there is always a lot of Mount master, so at first glance, who would you choose? Will not choose the car more new, younger Moldova master take? I think many of my friends would choose! Here in fact many friends will know, Moldova the master is like that moment site is user opened, your site layout and architecture and not as of mud covered motorcycle, who would you choose? Not to mention the search engine? Choose a new, younger mount master is not for you in your flight brings good safety and comfort! So enhance the user experience for the search engine and users are very important.

some time ago, in which occasionally and lead the conversation, I suddenly found that in fact do Shanghai dragon is nothing more than the credibility of the search engine, then it will be the corresponding to your website ranking, the ranking is up so natural flow went up, then went to traffic on the weight is also up you say?

since the day that Shanghai dragon was born, many small Internet cafes to Shanghai dragon optimization "the construction of the chain" blowing a miraculous, many are self-evident. Why small to say so simple? For example; in the Chinese New Year holidays, I believe many people have received a red envelope "or" >

on the site outside the chain

friends and the people who know me know Xiao Bian is engaged in the work on the Internet, with a variety of labels where Chongqing is undoubtedly the most famous delicacy, so Xiaobian very lucky to become a provider of Internet services for the catering enterprise workers, is now engaged in website operation (including the Shanghai dragon optimization) related work, ha ha! Said too much; this article is a summary of the past two years down some of my experiences at work, including some experience repeatedly toss independent blog, hoping to bring some friends in the industry with the help of

social phenomenon

in my circle of friends, often see few webmaster friends always complain about the "Shanghai dragon optimization" so hard ah, our website ranking and down or "love Shanghai recently and how? Etc. these departures from the fundamental negative emotions. I just contacted the site in 2012, when the Shanghai phoenix contact I also frequently toss personal independence blog site, also because of the decline in website rankings and the weights of the trouble resulting in repeated revision site led to love sea K station.