The advantages and disadvantages of analytic love Shanghai on BBS signature chain description

‘s net information: Mr. Anze analytical love Shanghai signature on the forum that the chain of the pros and cons. Recently, Shanghai love love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, Webmaster Platform announced the clear description of the latest on the chain of garbage, especially on the forum that personal signature.

is love Shanghai announced the original: BBS signature: add hyperlink and use anchor to cheat in the forum personal signature, speak several times in the Forum (whether or not meaningful), each statement has with hyperlink content. For example: a forum in reply: this signature "drinking what brand is good" "air conditioning" what makes a good massage ten brands "with a link to a page in the XXXXXX site and the anchor text features of cheating.


One of the

forum signature new rules influence three: the influence of the so-called bad, of course, will affect the so-called good, although the algorithm upgrade brought great loss to the webmaster forums, but will also bring good influence. Mr. Anze think before the Shanghai dragon forum is in the shortest possible time to keep up the chain effect, when we send in the chain is A>

forum signature two: the influence of new rules for the chain forum, we all know the A5 forum a large part of income is to rely on users to join the membership, a membership of 10 dollars, eighty percent of the account is to join the membership, in accordance with the 300 thousand member to count is 3 million. The membership function is able to send in the A5 Forum on the chain. This is a promising project income Chain Forum webmaster. But the rules of one, and let these forums across the water. A5 the membership fee for many webmaster forums have begun to follow suit, Mr. Anze is the most impressive 28 push, push 28 before feel nausea, because without you Membership Upgrade prohibitively difficult, without membership no signature, can’t take the chain. Many webmaster friends bought a membership, anyway, 10 dollars, is not expensive. But Mr Anze did not buy, long before Mr Anze began to realize the BBS signature of the chain will sooner or later be abandoned love Shanghai. It was wise, save 10 dollars

forum signature effect: new rules for the owners concerned, before doing a lot of work is useless. There are many webmaster friends made tens of thousands of the BBS signature of the chain in the chain on the forum, Shanghai is now clear that love is very small on the forum outside the chain on the site in the ranking, is undoubtedly a double blow to the webmaster friends of the mind and body. So many webmaster friends feel confused, then the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to do


Anze believes that in accordance with the rules of view, there will be a large number of webmaster platform outside the chain will be affected, which after the publication of the A5 Forum on this algorithm is relatively well-known completely the forum signature function, which makes millions of webmaster teeth. Mr. Anze brought forum garbage chain analysis algorithm has the following: