Guangzhou Shanghai Longfeng Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil how do the Shanghai dragon

two, the website keyword: this should be evenly distributed, head, middle, foot bar should have a head, we can at the site of the title tag is repeated two to three times, of course, do not pile. There is a good keywords label, and the label keyword in writing less, Description tag love Shanghai said, do not calculate the weights, but I still want to write, and repeat keywords two to three times, so rosy in the search results more natural to attract users to click. The beginning of the website can write words written on the best position, should be like my blog logo keyword followed by the. Make a breadcrumb and also want to add the keyword. The middle site, if the home, let the key to even appear in each column, do not stack. If is the content page, content title with H1 tags and keywords, the contents of the first sentence of the first paragraph and the last paragraph of the last sentence of words. On the site of the foot bar, remember the words, but don’t do their own home page link, but also not too much to appear. In the chain link are external links can be included in the key words. File name contains keywords, keywords appear in the ALT attribute. In the long text of key words bold or italic, but this is not widely used, there once.

three, website content: original content, avoid being repeatedly reproduced content, generally a good site to keep the original article reached more than 30%. Different parts of each of the pages of the site to more than 30%, to ensure that each page has a readable content. In the article, the general recommendations of 1000-2000 word reasonable segmentation, articles too long no one will soon end, too tired. The content of the website update to have the law, such as a day to update 5 articles or 50, but not 5 today, 50 tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is 500, and after a long time not updated. The content of the website focuses on the page keywords, and ZhengZhan theme. Remember to give each article.


Shanghai dragon love Shanghai everyone know, encyclopedia, it is to make your own website to search for a keyword in the search engine at the front. So how to do it is a concern for many people, as we all know, Shanghai dragon is improve their website weight, remember is the search engine that weight, not you, not me, but not the third party. Anchor chain is also a lot of say, do website optimization internal content, multiple outside chain, it is the Shanghai dragon. For the novice is often a lot of anchor chain do not know how to start. I would say in detail:

, on the site of the domain name selection, we should pay attention to the user’s memory cost, because the search engine you can also remember the longest domain name (URL not more than 255 bytes, or search engine could not take). The domain name generally choose spelling, such as English. But the website directory name is the same, and not too deep, the more shallow the better level.

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