5 minutes to get 1000 combat anchor text chain skills

then open the site, find an article being commented on the article, as shown below:

The anchor text

first mentioned here refers to the anchor text blog comments, perhaps you would say this approach is too old-fashioned, Lou loose blog comments below can not it? Of course, this is indeed feasible, but the site is limited, do not get a lot of batch website effect.

when we have learned to get more plugins, we should find a seed site, also known as the target site. That is to find a plugin used to say the target site, here I give you a list of "drunk and blog", as shown below:

opened the view comments, as shown below:

Here we need the help of

we used the anchor text of the chain may mostly exchange Links way, but this way is not only inefficient and difficult to exchange. In order to give you a renewed in reality today to a dry cargo, the core chain training tutorial I inside the business to share out, of course, do not rule out before share a few students know the method, but does not represent all the friends all know, so please know that friends do not spray. Don’t know the students can learn more of the set of methods, in order to confirm the article is not the title of the party, so I again is 5 minutes to get 1000 blogs in the anchor text of the chain skills, even ten thousand, one hundred thousand…

is called a more social comment plugin, actually a lot of blog comments are using third party plugins, such as say, the friend said, but why Chatteris and so on, here used to say it, because that the plug can release the anchor text, but most other plug-ins and can not release the anchor text, as shown below:



gossip is, into the theme, but before entering into the main theme must tell you is because Lu Songsong blog exposure is relatively large, once the method said, I believe the majority of Shanghai Longfeng circles would go to play, as for me, the chain training course is less of a dry cargo inside. But, I still share to everyone.



Hello, haven’t you bring tangible dry cargo, I remember this year in April when the two Lou loose blog submission article about Shanghai Longfeng paper, talked about some of the core level of the chain and many Shanghai dragon, although the good, but a lot of friends in Canada I will ask me now that the chain is an essential element of Shanghai dragon inside, then this element how to obtain it? Especially the anchor text of the chain is more difficult.