Shanghai dragon and brand personality Or the two complement each other

‘s brand building so chicken ribs? And we export in Shanghai Dragon King contrary? I think the answer is not necessarily good, because although the Shanghai dragon ranking will be let free access to long-term effective flow, and then get more exposure opportunities, but the brand must not be bound to the search engine ranking, ranking as only represents the degree of trust, rather than the smooth operation of the stickiness, speak more clearly, your keywords "talent network" ranked in the list of search results to the top three, there will be 100IP every day, if you rank down, then the flow will naturally fall, and if you have the brand, even if you call home, others will also enter your site search information, rather than simply relying on the search results, and this is the ranking and the difference of the brand .

said the Shanghai Longfeng atmosphere has been in 2011 than during the same period a lot of practical, not that we all focus on technology, but there are a lot of friends love Shanghai forced only by means of normal operation to optimize the website, because from 6.28 to 7.22, to October, K station incident has never stopped. The site is also from the side, Amoy rebate, novels stand and navigation by K a times, "the Internet is rubbish" love Shanghai station K give you the most magnificent reason, then what kind of station is the real meaning of traveling? High trust station, high popularity of the site or professional nature the site, maybe you will give this answer, yes, these are all in love with the sea eyes xiangbobo, but true to the actual operation of the process, we grassroots and can do what point? I want to do Has been very clear in front of us, that is the road of brand urgent.

but more utilitarian today, too much emphasis on the brand is also a kind of naive approach, after all the time and opportunity waits for no man, if you want to integrate into the stationmaster industry as soon as possible, and earn money must seize every opportunity to start operations, and the brand in Shanghai dragon help and method which crash?

for the brand, I think this one will be everyone’s Tucao, because people generally believe that the word is, as a station, want to make a brand, almost prohibitively difficult, even if you get up, you have to wait until God knows how long ah, in the site of thinking is more and more skill, brand it appears to be misfits, so more of the owners on the Shanghai dragon road, abandoned the so-called brand building.

fusion, like Mou Changqing’s IT blog, the blog theme is around the network marketing, search engine optimization, and then in the article is quite distinctive theme, but often focus on this blog webmaster will have a strong feeling that no matter you on the Internet in what industry, as long as the owners or employees you are feeling, the blog is written for you, and this is the site of their compatibility in our talent website, is not able to add some entry skills or industry information, let more employees to join us.