Discussion Shanghai dragon plan how to write Shanghai dragon program to teach you to customize their

to get answers to questions and so on as the primary task, and earnestly and carefully targeted to record the access to information. This information will be for us to carry out follow-up work of the basic demand is not clear, the direction is wrong; the wrong direction, all efforts will be wasted.

at this time, we should not rush to determine the Shanghai dragon, don’t make a commitment to customers.

so I decided to organize such a Shanghai dragon guidance books, and on this basis to write books for their plan of Shanghai dragon.

says: ‘baizhanbudai grandson. In the first step, we basically do the "friend", the next step is to think of a way to "know". We start from the understanding of the overall situation of the industry, in the understanding of the overall situation of the industry, the industry to find partners, with customers to analyze the current problems of peers, and do targeted research, record of research results.

What is the

We must The writing idea of

following the start of business.

Shanghai dragon is a system of strong engineering, is very complex, so I like this just to get the rookie of the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon work can not start, often ask: Shanghai dragon do? Shanghai dragon plan how to write? Where can find Shanghai Dragon Phoenix proposal writing ideas as a reference

look on the Internet, found a lot of Shanghai dragon, but I like this Shanghai dragon beginners, want most is a kind of guide guidance ideas, do not need to be very detailed, as long as there is a general framework on the line, then I will according to the Shanghai dragon scheme ideas to guide customization belong to you.

of the core customers products or services? What is the current customer? Customers want to achieve what kind of expectations? How to customer website overall situation at present?

in different industries and different nature of the site, the target customer group is not the same, we should do a good job of user groups to identify customer groups, users, and customer group characteristics oriented mining, and communicate with customers, and ultimately determine the keywords, so that the latter can do accurate > Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai Longfeng preparation stage

Shanghai dragon refers to the already familiar with the scheme of a site, for this site, combined with the techniques developed for the Shanghai dragon website Shanghai Longfeng optimization and promotion of ideas, strategies. Love the Shanghai Encyclopedia

determine the client user groups, analysis of user group characteristics, determine the site keywords

analysis of the industry, research partners


Shanghai Longfeng scheme is probably as follows (limited to knowledge and experience, will have many deficiencies, welcome criticism).

understand and familiar with the customer