Correct writing site title, keywords and description tags!

website title, keywords and description tags written:


site can choose 3-5 target keywords. We can pass the word around, to support the keywords anchor text outside the station.

page title:

title, keywords and description tags and precautions


here to repeat 2-3 times


3, "1_ 2_ tag keyword keyword keyword 3, here is a comma, and underline the same effect of space.



er365 is here with Shanghai dragon because it is our brand, can not add.

need to remember here is: write the title catalogue! (the content page sometimes directly is the content of the page title + home name or slogan, because of title words)


because er365 is "Shanghai dragon website optimization _ _ search keywords optimization search engine optimization" of the three, behind is our slogan


this is the three Shanghai dragon er365 label

column page title;


we should pay attention to the words in the title are not too long. (usually no more than 80 characters) who put the station is not very keywords immediately to get rid of.

from the picture we can see that the title is very important, careful users will find A in the picture: the title seems to have shown here, in order to let everyone pay attention to the title of the words we added, of course, now we get rid of the.

home page, column page and content page title skills, please see the following picture:

4, the description tag is also very important, through the picture above A can be found in the description tags >

We say that a

is our choice of sina贵族宝贝.cn:

first, second in the word around in the office is the site of the title, keywords and description tags. Obviously they are important. So we in the optimization of the web site is to write these three labels.


!The importance of

many large web sites are doing, you can go to observe, think about why they are doing



page title:

1, the title is an important channel of website and search engine, user interaction. Please see below:

The following are examples of