How effective enterprise website display products

1, simplify the demonstration, keep it simple

How to display their products

enterprise website or product marketing station or brand stations are required to demonstrate the enterprise products. According to the user experience, product display is the best way to improve the presentation function. The presentation contains sales presentation elements so, but at the same time facing a great risk, as the saying goes, is directly proportional to the benefits and risks.


company, I from the lottery sale system website products as an example to share some experience with you. From the user experience, the most effective form products is to demonstrate the way, so how to better demonstrate the product

enterprise website products, there are many aspects need to pay attention to, show the method is very much also, but to find a display method for their products. Remember not to display products and display, the problem needs to be considered from the perspective of the user experience.

do not use jargon or technical language

display to the user in your product, first in the local test several times, so in advance will demonstrate the problems resolved, or when the presentation on the website of the problems, this will give the user left a very bad impression. In our lottery sales system product line, we many times in the local test, to ensure that no problem, in a presentation to the user.

rich presentations often give the impression of a very complicated impression. Simplify your presentation will show the user features like. In this product demonstration of lottery sales system, our product features to show users, will demonstrate simple steps, convenient for users to browse operation. This will highlight a few functions, showing great value to customer function.



demo can’t just picture presentation, appropriate to the text, conditional with voice function, better effect. In the demonstration design of lottery sales system of 贵族宝贝fankeyu贵族宝贝/ products, we are mainly plain language like customer products, products to help customers to show. The user does not pay attention to how you design the product, will only pay attention to your products are of no use to them.

2, from the user’s perspective

unless you are a customer engineer demonstration, or to focus on your product will do what to target customers of the enterprise, not your products have what function. Such as lottery sales system products, our main products to show users can help users to solve what problem, remember like "best of breed" or "lead" will make you sound very silly.

demo ?