The high quality of the chain on how to build high quality chain

here, not only need to have correlation in publicity carrier, as we mentioned some matters in the promotional content, and this matters in a page on your site and are explained in detail, then it can be a guide to the chain on your site settings on this matter on this note can be generated and the effect of the chain is in love Shanghai encyclopedia, each entry will have a relevant entry interpretation, through the explanation.

second, the chain should always pay attention to the correlation. This correlation is an important prerequisite for the high quality of the chain, we have a lot of time for the chain has deliberately left a characteristic, such as text chain in a number of forums, or their signature also use this to set the home. While the number of the chain of this type of deliberate if too much, it will inevitably lead to the attention of the search engines love Shanghai, might even put your website into spam system. Let your site so it is difficult to further growth.

thus, high quality is the chain with a natural environment outside the chain, to show its nature. Let the search engines have no way to see the artificial chisels traces, of course, this sentence seems simple, but it is not very simple. This is because it often takes a long time to reach the natural environment to be.

is now on the high quality of the chain has a lot of content, but many webmaster in reading after the discovery of more and more fuzzy, more and more do not know what is the high quality of the chain? Some think to leave the chain is in high quality and high weight website, others say the high quality of the chain must be content is of high quality. That are with certainty, impeccable. But most of the time, the high quality of the chain as a martial arts like you, if you practice to the highest level, on the formation of the natural environment.

The chain of correlation

first, the chain should be put in place of natural. Now we have a lot of time making the chain, in order to have a chain of outside chain behavior, in order to leave the chain even spared no expense in some high weight website. But the chain need to be left? The left outside of the chain is not able to help the user, if you can answer these two questions, that the construction of the chain you have come.

to high weight left on the site outside the chain, is to let the other users through the chain to obtain the corresponding help, so how to help the users, so the chain will need a guide to help users of the carrier, which is usually what we call soft. This article can let users believe that by opening the chain, you can get help, and so the chain can play a role. But this time the chain becomes naturally formed.

so how to realize the natural environment outside the chain of high quality? The following several methods can be attempted, of course, these methods are methods, must not be controlled by them, so it was not a natural phase:

The reason why we