Shanghai dragon white hat optimization way is more and more popular love Shanghai

second, website content is the foundation of sustained and stable weight. To stand in the user perspective is the content and products in accordance with the user’s search behavior only website exists, to meet customer demand for customers, then the value of the site is highlighted, the value of the website after all content value is very big. Shaping the content value lies in how to use formal methods to update the white valuable information for the site, it seems some acquisition in the low quality and so on, pseudo original article itself is a kind of cheating and black hat, this kind of optimization cheating we obviously see a lot of website content over repetition, which is why do you optimize your content in the amount collected has not increased, in this case, you will find that the optimization is very difficult in the author’s opinion or he did not fully understand the requirements and concept of love Shanghai, the high value of the article is the one and only, so in the future in the process of mining high as possible the value of the original article, as much as possible with the user’s search needs real help users solve real experience of the grasp of the content The problem is the content of the construction of the right.

With the continuous upgrading of Shanghai love With the continuous upgrading of

first, adjust the structure of the web site before online.

algorithm, the author found that as long as the user experience for the purpose of the website website ranking and weight is very awesome, which is why the industry information portal site why long-term weight stability not very stable source of traffic for it, because both the portal website and content it attaches great importance to the user experience degrees. After the small and medium-sized enterprise website for the website structure adjustment is imperative, the site structure adjustment should be combined with the characteristics of the industry, improve the grab web content is very popular with the Shanghai love for details, for example, can be used on the left is right is the content of the category, can also be used in this way to show the news list right, no matter what kind of way to consider the reading habits of users and how to let the spider crawl the content is the first time we should think in terms of structural adjustment problems.

third, Shanghai dragon chain optimization operation of naturalness and quality degree is preferred. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er think site optimization work is very monotonous every day to write the chain yourself at a loss. In fact, in the opinion of the author or the optimization problem, a lot of people in order to improve the number of the chain every day wantonly release many BBS signature, blog, and so similar to the low quality of the chain, the number is there, but the site right.

as everyone knows, love Shanghai algorithm, the website optimization has been increasingly standardized operation, any optimization personnel besides the optimization of thinking set a white hat, but also in the implementation details of website optimization, website optimization thought reflected white hat, now I think away from cheating to make web site for a long period about the details of development, optimization problems mainly through the following aspects in detail and we share.