The breakdown of Shanghai’s recent improvements in love

8, search for relevant official site, show the love Shanghai safety certification.

5, pharmaceutical industry search results show that the record information, it is worth promoting, the pharmaceutical industry is related to life and health, is a sensitive industry, website ranking problem, after after the rectification, and display the information site for the record, give users a very good reference for.

7, Shanghai love home is no longer a single page, news focus, navigation, love Shanghai can listen, shopping advertising content aggregation.



1, the search results at the bottom of pagination style style improvement, display a step by step and icons, very image, creative, click on the page, the icon will change. This page is similar to Google and Google, is English letter changes, using Google compared with both, although there are modeled on the intention, but love Shanghai more image.

has been soso, Sogou search engine failed to shake the dominance of love Shanghai, the master of the 360 comprehensive search browser entrance, seems to make love Shanghai feel threatened. If you have been concerned about the love of Shanghai, then you should be able to find love Shanghai’s recent frequent changes, the dimension of network and everyone around these changes.


2, second pages of search results appear relevant search. When the user first in the search results page to find the desired results, there may be a keyword search is not accurate, relevant search very convenient for users, this is also the first search engine.





3, the search results page to share love Shanghai. This let the webmaster are beginning to use love Shanghai to share that love Shanghai share number have influence on the website ranking, use to share love Shanghai the popularity of great influence, of course, show the number of share, the selection of the user can also play a very good reference, a malicious brush love Shanghai sharing behavior on the other discussion.

6, love Shanghai official website search results show sitelink sub chain. This is mainly aimed at weight very high site, display the site link, the convenience of users, users enter the site to reduce click again.

4, love Shanghai more prominent bidding rank promotion words, love Shanghai bidding information is not obvious by the majority of users have been criticized, after the changes, can ease a little under pressure.