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Taobao index



love Shanghai billboard

? Content which keywords, commodities, and other hot news is the user search, the enterprise wants to do Internet marketing, want to use the hot occasion to hype it, where to go to find those who are users concerned about the heat keywords? In 37 network for everyone to tidy up the data the index tool platform.


this is the platform for big data search and exploration of love Shanghai analysis, the hot trend of a keyword index do love Shanghai statistics. You can search in a hot commodity, a recent analysis keywords here, you can also change the trend of mobile PC and different view, very detailed.


a lot of popular search here, which is also the focus of attention of many Internet workers. Shanghai love covers the Billboard Hot News, entertainment, education, character, novels, games, sports, science and technology, life, cars and other search hot words. There are also regional benchmark and population benchmark, data analysis for the field of vertical segments is very helpful.

Taobao Ali

micro index

list similar to the love Shanghai billboard, is the analysis of index change on popular keywords, but Taobao ranking is commodity index data of the electricity supplier industry, including apparel, digital home appliances, cosmetics, baby food, and style, Home Furnishing, car toy pet for a few blocks, for the electricity supplier is very useful for people.

index is Sina micro-blog micro products. It is only for popular keywords in micro-blog, is the trend of the time hot words and statistics. 37 network tips, if you search for the word without heat, will prompt the search words did not enter the hot word. For enterprises can be combined with the billboard, micro and micro data report together. You can also customize your hot words.

This is the Taobao Google

Google search volume statistics trend is for a period of time words. Here you can view the key words in Google search in the number of baby aristocracy and trend. The interface is relatively simple and refreshing, you know the love Shanghai index is a tool similar to Google trends.


love Shanghai index

Taobao index data consumer research platform, Taobao search index data. Here you can also use Taobao index and Shanghai index contrast to understand love. Taobao index market trends and market segmentation two blocks, it.

index is the analysis of prices, supply, purchase trend of Alibaba provides the most authoritative professional industry. Do B2B business of traditional enterprises can search for Related words, from here the industry market, supply and demand data. Ali and Taobao buy Taobao index index, demand forecast. Regardless of the industry or the product, Ali index data are very detailed.