How to improve the quality of potential customers for keywords

what is the potential customers search

may have to guide! The article is very useful, so every day I write the day to write a guide, 100, may have experience of web series will find that the guide is difficult to write, especially the description of the title, because it contains the long tail keywords in the title, these long tail keywords are the user is often to search, select in the long tail keywords at the same time, you have to check the search engine is not such a title has written a lot of others. Such as the "prize.the training tuition is before" this article, as the title of the full page, you should take this article to write this into love Shanghai top, in addition to writing, but also to promote, but also do a lot of optimization and promotion, Shanghai dragon, the optimization results, not half will be able to see out. In this way, not only the efficiency, but also a waste of manpower, energy.

1, the website weight directly affects your keywords ranking, if your website weight is not high, your guide article is hard to arrange home if you love Shanghai, and several other sites have the same long tail keywords, if you have no other website weight high website, your ranking does not go on, effect certainly not good.

consulting articles are very common, such as "prize.the employment rate of one hundred percent", "tens of thousands" Beijing prize.the salary of graduates, the main title of the article is that we usually say that the consultation, like this can only achieve the users to understand the effects of knowledge to the school students in class is difficult because of a little and the fact is not consistent, the student is very difficult to believe, unless you are a professional software writers. Otherwise it is difficult to attract patients.

2, the website open speed.

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also speaking guide article! This is the user can can’t help guide through this article click on business, consult the online staff, will be eager to let consultants told him, and then through the consultant slowly guide, possibility of user transactions is still very large. The guide is the long tail keywords optimization, occupy a certain ranking in the search engine through the long tail keywords, and then guide the user to click in, such as "how much money prize.the school tuition fees", "Beijing Bluebird?" "North Green Network Engineer job well?", this title is clearly the lead article, which contains long tail keywords. That is in line with the user with search engine.

site weight influence keywords ranking:

a lot of Shanghai dragon friends may often encounter such a problem, the word do come up, but no click, or click! The conversion rate is very low, almost no possibility of transaction order. This is what the problem? Certainly has a relationship with our choice of words, the quality is not high, so they need to think about how to improve the quality of key words, not the keywords ranking first, but the quality of key; you need to understand the influence of the quality of the key words of specific factors which have