Optimization of seven regulations an excellent staff must abide by the Shanghai Dragon

Accurate positioning of the

rule three: purification ", not greedy

rule four: focus on the density, the amount can be


density is the density of key words, many webmaster or optimization very tangled so-called keyword density! In fact as long as you don’t over the keywords stack, and in the article can.

by virtue of their own a little experience, as we sum up seven optimization regulations an excellent staff must abide by the Shanghai dragon. According to the A5 editor, AC Shanghai dragon has the network spread a commonplace talk of an old scholar, pseudo original, excessive, Liu is from a practical point of view, read for everyone.

"content is king" has become everyone’s spoken language! But the general website is not so much time to edit the content and creation of the. So many webmaster through the collection to realize the site filled! Now it actually is quite appropriate, but it does not meet the Shanghai dragon circles humanitarian, and collection of articles is a "second-hand", so the quality and purity as can be imagined. Acquisition worth mentioning, but the content is king, it should be real, practical, able to help others, but the content is not nonsense.

rule two: seize the key, accurate positioning of

we all know, web optimization plays a very important role in the optimization of Shanghai dragon, the title, description, keyword tags are many webmaster love! Because this is the key! Many optimization master tend to cheat with this! In fact, this kind of "want to simply face, we can not be too greedy so, write the keywords or long tail keywords in the title! It is easy to search engine.! do the optimization, need purification purification", from the inside, so as to obtain a good effect of

as a new Internet, you still can not find the direction and depressed? As Shanghai Longfeng students, you are how to optimize the site and tangled? As a small webmaster, you still worry about how to profit? From a newcomer to Shanghai dragon experienced practitioners, we have Zengdou too confused, have been bitter, also had the joy and sense of achievement. Although the A5 webmaster elite many, but also did not have a systematic introduction of Shanghai Longfeng personnel should be how to optimize, and what are the rules.

A: Based on the original, content is king


here, the location of your website is what a. In simple terms, what is the core keywords as webmaster? The core keywords, we can accurately locate, how is the planning strategy (or called Shanghai Longfeng allocation). A keyword quality can determine your future website Qiantu! Study hard analysis of Shanghai dragon is keywords, as a precondition for a good Shanghai dragon staff.

Today, Liu