Guess one or two points from the Lee article


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LEE said. Web1.0 era, content is the website editor, the vote is also carried out on the site, the traditional search engine to the website to vote as the basis, establish the weight system based on hyperlink analysis.

Web2.0 era, the main content creation began to change for users to vote form from a single super chain extension for sharing, evaluation, grading and other forms, with a single user for the size of voting, can better reflect the value of the site.

to achieve the sharing, evaluation, evaluation and etc. firstly, the content must be readable, but users need the. Take stationmaster net, in order to achieve the purpose of evaluation, the score, their content pages generally have such user click options, as shown below:

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we used to think out of the high rate of page, certainly not what value. But if the page with the length of time to stay, will be more reliable. The user in the page to stay longer, at least in the search engine, it is more useful to the user. If the user through the station link to jump to other pages of course better, if direct exit, that bounce rate pressure do not constitute root problem. So here I think, when the chain to ensure the best correlation, then the page is best to do a good user experience, the related link station to do the best is reading related articles, such as intimate search like that. The computer assembled from 贵族宝贝 feeds, please respect the original

is entering the Web2.0 era, super chain still has its role, but the percentage of governmentWebsite accounted for the decline. The various forms of the sharing, evaluation, grading into the algorithm. So I guess this one or two, for the webmaster friends reference.

, and the two page bounce rate

from the owners point of view, we do not want to know what love Shanghai but not intimate search, just want to know how to get to your site better ranking in Shanghai on how to operate.

, we understand the past Links on a website ranking has a decisive role in how much.

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, a content of viscosity

message and user interaction place. So I think it helps to get the better weight.

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