Reflections on wine and sewage law in website optimization

in any organization, there are a few hard figures, the purpose of their existence seems to have made a mess of things. The worst thing is that they like the fruit box rotten apple, if not timely treatment, it will rapidly spread to other apple fruit box up. Scary rotten apple, lies in its destructive. A man of integrity into a chaotic sector may be swallowed up, and a non German will soon become a highly efficient sector lacking spirit of cooperation. The organization system is often fragile, is built on the basis of mutual understanding, compromise and tolerance, it is easy to abuse, be poisoned. Another important reason is that saboteur extraordinary, easier to destroy than to build. The ceramics a skilled craftsmen spend time carefully crafted, a donkey, a second can destroy. If there is such a donkey in an organization, even if there are more skilled craftsmen, nor the number of decent work. If there is such a donkey your organization, you should have it removed immediately, if you are unable to do so, you should tie it up. So, whether there is wine and sewage law in website optimization? We think carefully, there is.

said that if the website optimization is only water tub, so we stood outside the station optimization, optimization is the bottle, the bottle of water. Sometimes, our station in the station optimization do well, original content, clear layout, site structure clear, very high quality, to customers also have very good experience, but do not stand outside the optimization, the quality of the chain is very bad, people do not know in the boudoir. Some.

popular, we are engaged in the site optimization include two aspects, one is the station optimization, two station optimization. The station optimization mainly includes search engine friendly, document layout, anchor text, weights, page title five, station optimization includes links to external sites and sites of the two aspects of brand promotion. For a website, the station optimization output is the content, is the essence of the website, the website is the kernel, and stood outside the optimization output is the brand and reputation. In this era of information technology, content, quality, nature, this is a website of the foundation of success. At the same time, on this basis, we must play the brand, increase brand awareness, let people know you. According to the concept of the past, not afraid of people do not know, as long as you brew wine, is not afraid of people not from the smell of wine. Now is the concept of beauty that students do not know fear her, must go out, let them know that this is the necessary road to success.

in management is one of the more interesting law wine and sewage law school, it refers to a spoonful of wine poured into a bucket of water, get a bucket of water; if a spoonful of water poured into a bucket of wine, or get a bucket of water. So, obviously, the proportion of sewage and wine does not determine the nature of this bucket of things, really play a decisive role is that the sewage, as long as it became more alcohol wastewater.