4 methods of fast page load time

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3, CSS and Javascript integration

The contents of the cache control

attribute of the image itself is relatively large, reduce the image loading time can significantly reduce the page load time. Save the page settings, is to export the image compressed file size. And don’t forget the HTML code to specify the size of the original file. If the image size is not specified, the web browser will mean to take the time to treatment, which will increase the loading time.

Apache server, can the actual adjustment expired or cache control header attribute, is similar to a Windows server process, involving HTTP client cache element operation. If your site is managed by WordPress, then the static page to download and install the WP plug-in and WP super cache can greatly speed up the page load time. >

many owners do not pay attention to the HTML code simple, leading to the page load time slow also don’t know. For the HTML unnecessary encoding can be removed, and some style calls can always declare encoding, in time, do not repeat the use of nested inside some code.


1, use an image editing program and save the page settings for


distinguish and control the content of the website, through the search engine cache can greatly speed up page loading time. How to do this depends on the type of server hosting your site.

4, website maintained at a minimum encoding

thus speed up page loading time how important to us, so we should how to speed up page loading time? Here are 4 Clock techniques help to optimize the page load time, make sure that your customers will not leave your site because of slow loading pages.

and the development of most of the web in the JavaScript and CSS files, a few pages will take the local combination according to the actual situation, quite a few of these mergers are selectively done manually, with each new need to be done locally and uploaded to the server is free and cumbersome, the same compression file there is a similar situation. Reduce the HTTP request one of the scheme is a combination of JavaScript and CSS files, so now through the Combo Handler service is simple and convenient by URL to merge the JavaScript and CSS files.

most of Shanghai Longfeng workers know the length of time the page loading is one of the factors of the website rankings, the faster page load time more favorable for ranking. If a page or slow loading timeout will lose much traffic? And more importantly, it may cost us a bunch of customers, the following is a picture of the page loading time of site traffic.