Love Shanghai know strategy and analysis of identification and interception of advertising

with a IP question and answer, if not for beginners is to test the love of Shanghai automatically delete speed. With a IP, and immediately after ask questions vest for battle. The success rate of this situation as can be imagined. Can use a proxy server? I used a fast proxy server, but not landing love Shanghai account. It may be a proxy is used too much, love Shanghai precise monitoring. If the use of broadband is dynamic IP, restart the routing does not change IP OK? Because the computer cookies have recorded the IP IP transform, after answering the questions, love Shanghai will prompt an unknown error. This "error" is most successful "double answer". Love Shanghai this "wrong" bug, believe that soon it will repair.


sensitive words, including political nature, and address, telephone, email etc.. Q contains political sensitive blacklist words inside, I’m afraid account how old, how high level are of no avail. Of course, in general, we have no need to knock down who, naturally we answer not on the rocks. But I tried once, not to subvert who is a foreign website to see over the wall to the domestic one event, and then to know the question. As for the web site, in the love of Shanghai trust list. Usually through, I sent the potatoes. If the anonymous website filter immediately. But the high level of account, this limit will be relaxed. Telephone, mail the situation is similar.

Comrade Mao said, no investigation, no right to speak, after many times of testing, I summed up the love of Shanghai know to identify and block the basis of advertising performance as follows:

let gab, was unable to know the role of love Shanghai described beautifully. And I have the defects of nature. But in my experience, both improve website weight or increase website traffic, love Shanghai know absolutely is a tool. Of course, there are a lot of webmasters are hidden benefits, that is against opponents. As for how to strike your opponent well?…… If you still have no idea when, that proves you are a very pure person. Don’t say love since Shanghai know the role of. Writing this article is to provide reference to Shanghai need to have sex to know a friend, so as not to touch unnecessary obstacles.

3. Cookies

users love Shanghai traces of love Shanghai will be recorded. For example, you often search keywords diet habits, then even if you went to the serious CSDN website of world knowledge, love Shanghai alliance announcement still shows to your eyes. Have to admire the love of Shanghai user behavior data analysis. Therefore, if you change the IP cookies, but you did not change recorded all the information before IP, can still determine your behavior. If the removal of cookies, IP transform, at this time, the love of Shanghai "double" appeared.


2. IP



1. sensitive word recognition