Site optimization of long tail keywords can not be ignored

Encyclopedia of Shanghai are related to the definition of love, here I just to do my lottery website program keywords optimization experience simple interpretation on the website: "although he is not a keyword but can bring certain traffic to the web site". I think this is his little difficulty, ranking quickly, can bring traffic.


here I used several methods: Keywords front with a certain geographical and rhetorical tone of voice. Keywords traffic statistics every day to see you, you may have a great harvest. Use the keyword expansion tool, according to their own set and choose some words. In our work in the learning process of a small, way of thinking and methods, we should pay attention to summing up the work.

mining method of long tail keywords

then to the lottery website for example: a lottery industry website has many categories, one is to sell lottery information station, the other is a lottery business station. I do the lottery website program 贵族宝贝yikuyun贵族宝贝/ is the enterprise site keywords station, we do is the lottery website program, his high accuracy, relatively more people search. In this subject we can extend many words as keywords, such as: professional lottery web application development company, lottery web application development which is good and similar words, words like search crowd not less but his competition is small, to bring us the flow is considerable.

4, how to do long tail keywords

every day to check your long tail keywords have been received.



1, long tail keywords define

search volume is substantial, can bring some traffic for us, so that the intensity of competition and small. I think that only one search words can do tail keywords growth, although the long tail words can bring the flow of the keywords IP, but if you do a lot of Many a little make a mickle., lottery website program of long tail keywords, it is substantial. Although not every long tail keywords can bring traffic, but some can bring a lot of traffic, as long as the use of good, these benefits more than some key words.

long tail keywordsWe

in the promotion process, how to optimize the long tail keywords we hear a lot, which indicates the importance of his, if we don’t know his definition, also talk about what to optimize? Just begin to contact the lottery website optimization program site, on the long tail keywords concept I is also ready to accept either course, after a period of time the contact, finally understand the definition of long tail keywords, today let me give you knowledge about the long tail keywords.

lottery website program site do long tail keywords are: we can spend a little time in the above optimization. People in search of goals, we search for lottery web application development company is in search of the lottery website program.