Google will update the PR value of stationmaster are you ready

today from Austria (a valley has been concerned about the Google dynamic website) a message, it is to let people full of excitement., what? Is the Google PR value will soon be updated

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since Google PR value will be updated, as a webmaster, what should be done? I think too much, but it is recommended that the following, I believe there will be help.

may see this message, a friend also began to buy lots of full of excitement., links, as everyone knows, you do, may be a bad thing, as long as you stand the normal update, rich in content and health, the construction of the chain is usually normal, then you will be good news, not so tense;


in the last PageRank update or something in January this year, and in a few days or a few weeks later, we will see second times this year’s update. The Matt Cutts should not be such a high-profile response to the Page Rank update problem ah, not to dilute the PageRank

Matt Cutts yesterday and play QA live, live in his urine and quickly burst said nobility baby update PageRank ranking.

PR, there is no fixed date, what time to update, especially the one or two years it is impossible to estimate, but this update seems to be fast, really fast, because Google engineers here put word, should not go wrong. But what day update, also can make nothing of it, but according to my estimate, should be in before and after the Dragon Boat Festival.

2, the original.

Updated The following

PageRank (full name of the PR value, PageRank, page level technology). For individual webmaster, the PR value is an important index for a period of time, while the front seems to have claimed that Google will not update the PR value, but with Google in January this year, a major update, this sentence is obviously a bubble. It seems, we still should pay attention to the PR value, especially when the environment is not good now.

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1, do not buy a lot of links in the short term.

Matt Cutts is one of the most well known aristocratic baby all engineers in, because he almost every day to share all the information related to the nobility baby in their blog above and readers, including technical and non technical. Matt wrote a simple, straightforward, practical value is very high, so he has a very high reputation on the internet. In short, Matt Cutts is a noble baby Anti-spam king. G speed off the readers should not feel strange to him. (the above part from the owners of the house)