About Google refused to link tools, you should also know that thing


in fact, when you will be a garbage link submitted to the disavow links tool, Google spider next grab this link, it will give the link to add a nofollow tag, then this link will not share the page weight, spider will not crawl again, it will not as the site of the chain continue to exist.

Contacted owner of # shady贵族宝贝 on 7/1/2012 to

, Google’s John Mueller said: to link as inbound links will still exist in the administrator tools. According to common sense, since refused, it should disappear in the chain administrator tools, at present still exists, so there is no way to link the effective time of the observed rejection……

ask for link removal but got # no respo>

Google refused to link tools, namely disavow links, since its launch in October 16, 2012 more than a year, but about whether this tool works, many webmaster confusion: submitted a list of links to, but still have not seen the administrator tools in the chain of garbage in reducing; which links the submission which links is not necessary? Not long after the submission submission? Good?…… To solve these problems, the specific situation? Let us know.


: "I submit hundreds of spam links to the Google disavow links tool, but after a period of time, but still in the external links in Webmaster tools to see these links to."

example贵族宝贝 removed # most links, but missed these

2. refused to link file size but also the limit of

to TXT text file link, the maximum allowed 2M. Some owners said that the 31000 refused to upload the domain name, but when uploading 100000 refused domain name, had limited.

rejected 1. links, will still exist in the webmaster tools

file of the link

just launched in 2012 when Google refused to link the tool, we see examples of official documents are as follows:

Shanghai Dragon The stationmaster often complain about

3. Google spam group members are not going to check to note