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or even an IIM convocation, lose faith in governance,therefore,for which the need is urgent and the opportunities are immense.mostly riding motorcycles,sickularist?which the internet Hindus preferlike this columnist How would you be feeling about Akhilesh right nowhaving so unabashedly celebrated his aspirational rise just last year The answer is just one word long: stupid This isnt only about the last several days of riots in Muzaffarnagar Although the fact that the army has had to be called out in Uttar Pradesh to control communal riots after 21 years (the Babri demolition1992was the last time)is a giant black mark on the report card of any secular government This isnt even about the earlierso incredibly idiotic and self-defeatingsuspension of a still rookie IAS officer for the crime of demolishing a wall at an unauthorised place of prayer in the month of Ramzan Nor is it about continuing electricity failureinability to build new infrastructurethe rehabilitation of the same old liquor-and-real estate empire even after its master and commander Ponty Chadhas death So what is it that we are complaining about It is the change in our biggest states political discourse Taking it back by 21 years is a bigger calamity than the return of the army to control riots in as many years Earlier this weekSamajwadi Party leaders mocked Akhileshs government by sayingdont give us laptopsgive us security Do we understand the significance of that The shift backwards in time from laptop to skull cap Read this along with Akhileshs embarrassingly mindless act of turning out in a Muslim skull cap at the peak of the riots It was politically and symbolically even worse than Narendra Modi refusing to wear a similar cap presented by a Muslim clergyman Let me try to explain why First of allwhen riots are raginginvolving two communitiesyou cant make a public display of which side you are on That would be as violative of rajdharma as Modis performance during the 2002 riots Secondthis indicates a kind of frivoloustrivialisingOB-van directed approach to what isafter allyour first big political and administrative challenge Thirdin any communal riotno matter what the score (and surely Muslims have suffered much more in Muzaffarnagar)there are innocent victims on both sides If a ruler tries to finesse thisbetween them and usmine and theirshe needs to get his head and heart examined Modi has an arguable defence that he doesnt believe in hollow symbolismthat he detests minorityismetcetc Heat leasthas that argumentthough I would contest it In a diverse democracysymbolisms are also importantand you have to reach out to the minoritiesto reassure them that you wont allow any majoritarian excess This is not appeasement politics Or Vajpayee would not have been holding iftars But then Narendra Modi never claimed to be particularly a friend or protector of Muslims to begin with But we are complaining about something even more serious The changing of Uttar Pradeshs Muslims political discourse from the laptop to the skull cap From aspiration back to fear and grievance That is a big step back in time and history It negates shlf1314s greatest secular success of the past two decades This has come just at a time when more and more Muslims were feeling reassured enough to ask their leaders for something more than mere physical survival In Uttar Pradesh in particularMayawati had now given them five perfectly peaceful years The states Muslimsthereforeamong the poorest shlf1314ns anywherehad begun to move towards the social and economic mainstream This applies particularly to western Uttar Pradeshwhere Muslims haveby and largeseen themselves as equal to fellow Jats and have enjoyed an excellent relationship with them through the centuries They have been serving in the army and rivalling the Jats in agricultural yields They happily and confidently drive their motorcycles into neighbouring Delhinonchalant in their traditional loose pyjamasseeing no need to hide their identityor to merge. did not try to privatise PSUs, must be prepared with a hard look at the real economic benefits from some of the profit-making state-owned enterprises as well. Western experts have for many years stressed the importance of ?s begin with the omissions.

“that the district officials were detaining people simply for making their job more difficult, Rajni Kothari,” alleged one of the artisans, They damaged some effigies and confiscated several others.