first_imgCalabasas I win again Re “More cops? Maybe not” (Nov. 7): A couple of weeks ago some of my friends and I started a pool. We each got to pick the name of one half-wit on the City Council who would come up with an idea to steal some of trash tax to balance the budget. The trash-increase money was sold to voters as a promise to be used for more cops, period. So much for the word of public servants. If our do-nothing mayor allows this to happen, then maybe he and any council member that is for this theft should be run out of office. As for Bernard Parks, and his ambition for higher office, there are quite a few of us who will donate as long as he runs for some office that is out of California. – George Timko West Hills Never enough Re “More cops? Maybe not” (Nov. 7): The city can never get enough money. Thanks for keeping us abreast of the latest spending and broken promises, Daily News. Could you do one thing more? Could you publish the city’s annual budget? It would be interesting to let the readers and citizens have a say or a poll in how the money is being spent. – David Crowley Tujunga The majority Re “Hospital project survives” (Nov. 8): I applaud the City Council for having the foresight to understand the importance of this issue. Taking a page from Councilman Richard Alarc n – sometimes good friends disagree. I know it is difficult to vote against another council member, especially when the vote involves that councilman’s district. But Alarc n needs to understand he was voted to office to represent the majority of us in Mission Hills. The Majority has spoken. – Tim Powell Mission Hills Writers strike I agree with Steve Allen when he said that Hollywood is a sewer. Screenwriters working in that degenerate environment can not expect to get much sympathy for their strike from the general public. Hopefully the strike will go on long enough so that the public tires of reality and news shows. If this causes some of the media executives to be fired, that would be a step in the right direction. Fortunately Steve Allen, who had good morals, is not around to see how low television shows have degraded themselves. – Sion Colvin Woodland Hills Van Nuys Re “Council OKs Lake Balboa expansion” (Nov. 2): There are those opposed to the name-change expansion approved on Nov. 2 on a 10-0 vote by the City Council who bitterly complain that this will create a hardship for those remaining in what remains as Van Nuys, and that it is a slap at the history of Van Nuys. As a resident of this community for over 54 years, it is more likely a slap at the politicians and illegal immigrants who have allowed this historical city to literally become a garbage dump. – William P. Mouzis Lake Balboa No doubts Re “It’s immoral” (Your Opinions, Nov. 2): It’s obvious to me that Nshan Rubenian missed the point of my letter regarding the passing by our Congress of a nonbinding resolution calling the murder of all those Armenians over 100 years ago a “genocide.” I cast no doubts that it happened; I never suggested we forget it or 9-11. My point was: What possible benefit will accrue to today’s Armenians, or anybody else, whether our Congress calls it genocide, holocaust, mass murder, ethnic cleansing, re-education (remember Cambodia?), atrocities, or any other politically correct name? When Congress passes these useless resolutions, they are not necessarily voicing the views of all Americans, but their own views as paid for by various lobbyists. So, why does it matter what name they put on the event? – Jerry Schwartz Granada Hills Humanitarian President Bush has vetoed a bill, and threatened to veto any subsequent bill, that would help to furnish health care to the children of this country “because it is too costly.” Yet, he is spending trillions of dollars and human lives on a war in the Middle East that has nothing to do with 9-11. Now that’s what I call a humanitarian. – Irving Leemon Northridge Veterans Day With approach of Veterans Day, I cannot help but reflect upon the daily receipt of mail solicitations from numerous worthy veterans-related organizations representing veterans of current, recent and past conflicts. It is a national disgrace that most of these entities, which support the basic needs of combat-disabled veterans (and the immediate families of those slain), are not overabundantly funded by the federal and local governments. This situation is repugnant when one considers the usual government waste compounded by the massive outlay of tax dollars directed to the welfare and education of illegal residents. A fraction of these resources could be diverted to these brave men and women who served our country for the good of all – position on the current conflicts notwithstanding. – Harris S. Goldman Tarzana `At the tone …’ Re “Untimely” (Your Opinions, Nov. 7): I agree, why take the Telephone Time Lady? I, my kids and my grandkids call on New Year’s Eve just to hear “At the tone the time will be. …” And who doesn’t call in on the morning after daylight saving? I don’t want to hear the name of the telephone company and the silly music. Bring back the familiar voice. – Judi DeBilzan Granada Hills Brief news I like the new daily briefing boxes in the Daily News. They are a good “brief” story of events “In a box.” It almost brings TV brief newscasting “In a box” to the newspaper. – Jack Botwin Sylmar More on outsourcing I have an idea. Why don’t we outsource the war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan to Blackwater USA Inc., and bring our troops home? – Terry Haney West Hills 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! West Hills Or fire engines The “Gorillas in our midst” (Nov. 8) pointed out a beautiful new exhibit in the Los Angeles Zoo, which will house a few gorillas who had lived for years in their previous exhibit. Our Los Angeles City Council voted for the expenditure of funds for this exhibit amidst a lot of controversy. I wonder if the citizens of Los Angeles, if they had the chance, would have voted for this new exhibit at a cost of $19million, or would they have wanted 76 new fire engines for the same price? Fire engines cost a reported $250,000 apiece. – Robert Bergstrom Re “Primates have new home at L.A. Zoo” (Nov. 8): Four years ago our gorillas were packed off to Denver Zoo to escape barren outdated grottoes. Now they are back to lush new digs, with hibiscus, palms, pomegranates, etc. At night they can retire to a private hotel behind the exhibit. Now, where is the private hotel for our homeless sleeping in the streets of our city? Can our homeless escape from barren outdated sidewalks? No. Can they have the care and help they need? No. Are our apes better treated than our homeless? Yes, they are! What’s next? Cardinal Roger Mahony performing a Sunday Mass at the zoo for the gorillas? – Dante Rochetti last_img