Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, Sep. 24

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionParties must honor voice of the votersIt’s time Saratoga Board of Elections did its job and sanctioned or pulled party lines from any political party that uses placement on the ballot as a bait-and-switch scheme.I worked on the primary in Milton and Ballston, where voters rejected committee-endorsed candidates. In Milton, Zlotnick, Kerr and Isachsen won both the Conservative and Independence primaries, becoming the nominees against committee candidates the voters didn’t want.Even after multiple requests, neither the Conservative nor the Independence chair has taken the time to meet, let alone support, their designated nominees.In Ballston, bipartisan Connolly, Curtiss, and Solberg won in a landslide against the losing Republican committee candidates. Despite the voters’ sending an overwhelming message of confidence, the Republican chair hasn’t removed an active committee member who’s running against their own party nominees, in violation of Republican-filed bylaws with the Board of Elections.Plus, they’ve had fundraisers yet provided no funding or plan for the general election, despite spending thousands on their primary losers.In my opinion, such disdain for the voters’ wishes makes them unfit to receive ballot lines. These groups have abandoned their promises to constituents and decided that they are the ruling class; the voters and their votes aren’t relevant to them.That isn’t the reason they received the line in the first place and it’s not the ideals of our democracy which they represent. Until they adhere to the terms by which they received their line, they need to be taught a lesson and pulled from future ballots.Keith LewisBallston Spa Citizen militias should be properly armedThe Daily Gazette published letters on  Sept. 5 and 6 which describe “assault weapons”  as “weapons of mass destruction” and “pea shooters.”We have been in Afghanistan for 18 years trying to defeat people with similar pea shooters. The Second Amendment was intended  to assure that military firearms were in the hands of private citizens. There was a fear of tyrannical edicts from a strong central government with a professional army.The “militia” in the  amendment is not the National Guard. As in America’s Constitution, the militia were the people and the people were the militia. “A sound republic should rely on its own armed citizens.”Contemporaneous state constitutions used the term “bear arms” in a military  sense and no other. In 1777, citizens drafted for militia service were required to report with modern military equipment. Those reporting without a musket, bayonet, belt and knapsack, cartridge box and blanket were issued the missing items and the cost of the equipment deducted from their pay.Thomas Jefferson in 1781 complained that when he called out the Virginia Militia that they reported with shotguns and squirrel rifles.  He expected muskets and bayonets.The Fourth Amendment has been interpreted to equate cell phones and computers to be the referenced protected “papers.”A similar update to the Second Amendment would require a militiaman to report with a fully automatic M-16 and several large-capacity magazines.Art HenningsonScotiaMcConnell and Pence are Trump’s puppetsSenate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Vice President Mike Pence are definitely puppets for the president.Webster’s dictionary defines a puppet as “a jointed body with a hollow head whose behavior is determined by others.”A puppet is manipulated by strings from above. That makes Trump the puppeteer of both McConnell and Pence. He controls what they say and how they perform. Is it any wonder nothing is being accomplished?On the very first day of President Obama’s presidency, McConnell announced that the first thing on the Republican agenda was to ensure that Obama would be a one-term president. He failed.In my opinion, except for confirming several swamp creatures (Brett Kavanaugh comes to mind.), he has accomplished exactly nothing. McConnell runs the Senate like it is his own private domain.The other Republican senators seem to be just taking up space. Do they ever have a say about voting on anything? Do they dare disagree with the majority whip?The vice president is seldom heard from. I wonder if he ever has an original thought. And if he does, would he dare to confront the guy in the Oval Office? I doubt it.I also wonder if there will ever be a day without yet another catastrophe during Trump’s reign at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.Jane ReisengerSchenectadyPhotograph was of the incorrect shrineYou featured an article on Sept. 6 about St. Kateri National Shrine participating in a “National Weekend of Prayer” event.However, the text did not agree with the picture you published on C3 of the paper. Great article , but very misleading.Before you print something so important to so many people, you would be well advised to get the facts straight. I would hope you will correct this error. The picture is from The Martyr’s Shrine at Auriesville, not the Kateri shrine in Fulton.Helena CalvanoSchenectady More from The Daily Gazette:Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsGov. 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